Bitshares — Update on new website concept (Part 4).

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Hello Everyone,

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Here's the latest update on the website changes for First of all, thanks again for your positive feedback. Please keep sending your suggestions over to us. Those of you who are good at coming up with awesome call to action and wording, please send over your thoughts. We need help in that area.

Here are the latest changes and improvements we have made in the last several days:

  1. We have improved the menu system.
  2. We have solved some issues with the responsiveness of the whole website. Other issues still on the works.
  3. We have added a whole bunch of pages under the "Technology" menu list.

Here's what we will be working on in the next few days:

  1. We will keep improving the wording of the home page to be more engaging. Your suggestions are welcomed.
  2. We will keep adding more pages.
  3. Need to improve the icons on the home page.
  4. We are also working on a language drop down button.

Again, thanks for your support and your constructive criticism. Don't forget to follow me so that you can get notified of the changes as they happen.


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I have invested around $1,000 in Bitshares; so, keep the good work, guys -- you need to boost my investment. :)

You would want to buy another $1000 BTS before it go to the Mars. ;)

I have some bikercoins and digital nomad tokens there, but last time I visited the platform they had not any value which disappointed me a little...

Excellent - well done :)

Thank you!

Keep it coming. @stan and I and the team really like it!

Good for bitshares
I like your post
But i need money for invested

Thank you very much for your upvote

Hi @richcg I'm a big fan of BitShares and I like the new look that you are developing for the site!

I have 5 bitshares I bought with steem I would love for some movement

@autonomy117 only 5?? Please get some more BitShares before the price surge!

I would suggest you to have a video on home page which showcases How system works. Videos are more engaging than other words, they engages through audio-visuals and story.

It would also help you to reach out billions of people on Youtube.

Yes! Just not one of those cheesy outsourced "gig" videos with ukulele music with a glockenspiel and whistling, a robotic American voice over and a sharpie sketch animation for good measure. Bitshares transcends these shitty cliches and needs to show that across all branding.

But, still, yes.

awesome, am speechless, thänks for the vital update

very good post @richcg
I'm a newcomer in steemit. please help me develop my steemit account.
help me to upvote and resteem, please

I recently discovered bitshared, I'm really amazed by the platform, they are creating something great, with the possibility of having the exchange downloaded in the pc to make everything more dynamic is something great, keep it up, I do not handle capital to power Invest, but I can hardly do it. Congratulations!

I want buy bitshares.

image follow me and always upvote as I bring daily inspiration quotes to help kick start your day

Excelente. Gran trabajo!!!

I can test the site for bugs and do cross browser and mobile checks, let me know thanks!

I think this is great! Also what about adding a full time customer service rep to help new users with questions on how to do certain things on the DEX? I was able to figure out how everything worked with no problem but some of my friends that I referred, found that the dex was to complicated for them.

Excited to see the changes

Nice Work keep it up!

You might want to add images to each change so we know what you are talking about. Over great post.

Add Twitter under the social banner

Will do. Thanks!

Very nice work! Thanks everyone.

How do I send my suggestions?

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Yes, good work ! :)

Very nice work! Thanks everyone.

It's a nice update to the landing pages. It's really a clean look.

The "Sign Up" field did not work for me when I tried it. The error I received is "405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed." Tried it in Chrome and Firefox on a Win10 machine.

Now following you, so I'll know about the updates sooner.

Also upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks for your efforts, and I commend you for seeking feedback. Here's my 2 cents..

Firstly, I love the look and feel of everything. Very contemporary. Well done.

-- Perfect wording IMO.

Bitshares is built using the latest in industry research, now offering a stack of financial services including exchange and banking on a blockchain.
-- I think you should also mention the potential to run ICOs. The prospect of getting involved in ICOs without jumping through ETH hoops could be very enticing to a lot of people, in my opinion.

I don't know enough about the technical aspect of that stuff, but I believe Bitshares can run ICOs and compete with Ethereum, but it's just a matter of raising awareness. Is that the case? If so, surely the "ICO potential" of Bitshares should be hyped as a strong selling point.

Finally, I think you should include something which is sorely lacking in many of these crypto sites - A high quality "team info" section. I know these sections are popular, and they're important, but so many of them feature terrible photos which could do more harm than good.

I think some friendly faces would bring a more trust-worthy and professional impression to the Bitshares brand. Just be sure to pay a photographer for nice shots, and have everyone dressed very well, (no crinkly Tshirts or baseball caps.)


Great your work
Thanks for information
I wish you great success👍

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