BitShares Companion and Interactive Voting

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Interacting with the BitShares Blockchain can be cumbersome if you are not familiar with console tools, or haven't dug through the plentiful features of the BitShares Reference UI yet. In general, every action on the BitShares Blockchain requires the private keys of the involved accounts, and when you are using third party tools (especially closed source ones), the question about trust quickly arises. Being closed source can be a business model, but should not hinder adoption. We have a solution for that, and present it with a working showcase.

This showcase serves to demonstrate possibilities for user-friendly and secure interaction with the BitShares Blockchain, without having to use the console or BitShares UI. For that purpose a voting section is present on this site that displays the status of selected worker proposals, and by installing the standalone BitShares Companion locally on your computer you can also vote on them!

Any and all feedback and bug reports are welcome!


And this is how it works...


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dope. lets name it "buddy" :)

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

Nice one!

Btw, would be nice to publish all those workers as xml feed, then import that feed into Bitshares Companion tool and vote from that. Since everything is already realized as a plain html.