Why Launch on BEOS?

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Someone asked me this, Sounds like a good idea for a post.

  • BEOS has all the features of EOS but will probably not cost as much to use if BEOS tokens start out at 20% of EOS price. So deploying your app on BEOS is economically smart.
  • The same wallet holds your BEOS and EOS tokens, making them interchangeable.
  • BEOS tokens are portable between BitShares and EOS making them useful across the combined ecosystem.
  • You can constrain your DAPP to only execute on nodes in jurisdictions that are favorable to your product or service. Gambling DAPPS can run with impunity in international waters and eventually in international space - just like they do on cruise ships.
  • BEOS will host quintric.com products natively. Gold and silver backed tokens blow the doors off tether and can be used to back bitAssets of all types.
  • dApp creators can get a stack of BEOS tokens over the next 66 days during the rainfall by buying BTS and staking them. You can withdraw your BTS at any time but get free BEOS and BEOS RAM rainfall for every hour staked!

That sound like something very interesting

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I hope BEOS might be at exchanges soon too! Feel like a new era!


Good stuff! I’m a bitshares dex user but I don’t have a laptop at the moment to download a beos wallet. Is it possible to transfer bts to a web wallet using mobile browsers by chance?

Don’t have too much bts but I don’t want to miss out on the rainfall

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Hey, @bigtakosensei,

Just read this article by @stan, and watch the included video.

If you need help, visit this telegram group: https://t.me/officialbeos and you'll find what you need.

Good luck, enjoy the rain!

should boost your posts, would gain more awareness.....

you can obviously afford it.

Stan, this sounds like an unbeatable combination of advantages...

The complete functionality of EOS, plus significant advantages that native EOS does not offer. And you get all this at a fraction of the cost of EOS! What's not to love about this deal?❤️

Thanks for creating this amazing extension of the BTS/EOS ecosystem. Time for me to start figuring out how to code some amazing DAPPS... 😉



Could someone who has built on EOS (I'm assuming) easily run their dApp on BEOS? Convert to BEOS? PS I noticed the beos-cold wallet selling a bunch of BTS. Is that a cause for concern?

beos-cold is a scamming account. Stan is using beos.cold

Woahhh didn’t even realize I was searching for the wrong beos account I’ve tracked beos.cold in the Past in order to get a feel for what percentage of the bts pool is mine. Didn’t even realize I searched for the wrong account. That’s scary

What's your position on EIP in HF21?

beos-cold is a scamming account. Stan is using beos.cold

Concise and impressive. That's hard to beat!

great success!

Sound very exciting, but again the bitshares website needs to be upgraded in order to compete with other exchanges, I predict mass adoption once the bitshares exchange can compete with exchanges like binance

Its raining beos, thanks Stan