Bitsharesbot Build#2 Pre-release phase #1 now live!

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We are please to announce that our public testing phase has now officially begin.

Currently we plan to do the testing in three phases:

  • Initial phase (Core Components) <=========== We are here
  • Intermediate phase (Statistics and Reporting)
  • Final Phase (Full build)

Including in our pre-release build we have the following component:

  • Trading Engine v 1.0.0
  • Market Logic v 1.0.0
  • Trader's 1000 Feed v 2.0.0 (Limited functionality currently on DEX BTS internal feed)
  • GUI v 1.0.0 (Limited functionality)
  • Authentication v1.0.0

Also as always, you will need DEPOSIT to trade with the bot.
The pre-release build is located at :
The link for bug reports are located at :



Good times ahead!

More is coming soon. :) Build #2 is mostly coded, we are now just testing it extensively before we will release the complete build.

The question is, is the private key saved on their own database or is it just going to be a cookie? We'd actually never know since it is not open source. Just create a dedicated account for now as test account with Active Permissions Private Key.

For those paranoid about their keys, (which is a good thing) their is a variety methods to check what happens to the keys without the source code. Tools such as packet analyzer (ex. wire-shark) allows you to see what is being transmitted to the server from your computer. Also you can just simply put the browser on debugger mode and see what happens to your keys on instruction at a time. Currently the private key is only encrypted and then store in your local-storage, and then hashed and sent to the sever, and then discard by the same java-script. As this is all done in java-script, you can see what is executed by your machine step by step using a debugger.

We do have plans for open source, but it will need to be after Build#2 full release, as we need time to cleanup the repo. We plan to formally release portion of the source code, but in the mean time if you are truly worried about the keys then run wire-shark and do a packet analysis on what is truly sent to the server.

Remember for those that do not know much about HTML and JavaScript:

  1. All JavaScript code when executed will be available to the browser, and the user.
  2. You can know what is being sent to the server, and such information can never be hidden from the user.

why does it ask for pvt key???

This is a bitshares wallet with automated trading features, and without a private key with active permissions you can not post transactions to the network. You can create a new account if you wanted to.

When signing up it asks for a private key, can you explain?

This is a bitshares wallet with automated trading features, and without a private key with active permissions you can not post transactions to the network. It is similar to any other wallet, you will need to import your keys. Your keys are encrypted and stored in your local storage. You can verified it with wire-shark or in debugger mode.

Is asking for private key safe

The private keys are only stored at your local computer. It is as safe as another web wallet.

I've been waiting so much for it, can't wait until it's fully up.

This looks great! Could you please add support for the Hertz algorithm based asset? Thanks.

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