BitSong: The New Music Streaming ERA | ICO IS LIVE

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BitSong Platform Overview:

BitSong is a new music platform, which is built on Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS distribuited filesystem. BitSong is all new platform which will help every music lover around globe. There are many cases in which BitSong can solve users problem and . There are so many ways in the music industry for generating revenue like Music Streaming, Advertising, Live concerts and in this BitSong is dedicated to its users to built their own space in music industry by giving them oppurnities to earn and launch their own music in BitSong Platform.
On producing a song on BitSong platform, advertisers can attach advertisments. Users can also access from any device. The artist and the listeners will get upto 90% of the profits invested by the advertiser for each advertisement listened. Donations can also be received by the fans for your next album.

Roadmap of BitSong:

⦁ March 2017

In March 2107 BitSong was originated in Malta. The core of BitSong Angelo Recca and Rino Ticli thought about the project and stared deciding about the project to develop.

⦁ In October 2017

In October 2017, team began to start developing the whitepaper and started their plans with various strategic agreements which many popular artists.

⦁ December 2017

BitSong official logo was created and got their trademark.

⦁ May 10th - Bitsong Ltd was Incorporated

The official headquarter incorporated & developed in Malta.

⦁ January 2018

In January 2018, Bitsong official website was launched which is named and Bitsong started their airdrop for public.

⦁ February 2018

In February 2018, BitSong got their new co-CEO and Salvatore Farruggio joined Bitsong as co-CEO. At this time BitSong got 5 other professionals in project.

⦁ May 14th - PRE-ICO- 40% BONUS

Total of 20,000,000 tokens are available for pre-sale of the ICO with a 40% bonus.

⦁ May 21th 2018 - PRE-ICO 30% BONUS

15,000,000 tokens are going to be on pre-sale to work out the worth of the ICO with a 30% bonus.

⦁ May 28th 2018 - PRE-ICO 20% BONUS

10,000,000 tokens are going to be on pre-sale to work out the worth of the ICO with a 20% bonus.

⦁ June 11th 2018 - PRE-ICO 10% BONUS

5,000,000 tokens are going to be on pre-sale to work out the worth of the ICO with a 10% bonus.

⦁ August 10th 2018 - INITIAL COIN providing

47% of the tokens are going to be distribuited to unravel the capital issue.

⦁ Q3 2018

Achievement of different personnel necessary for the event of the project, Gap of the primary workplace in Malta

⦁ Q1 & Q2 2019

Launch of the Alpha version of the BitSong platform (including mobile app), Gap of two locations in Europe.

⦁ Q3 2019

New partnerships within the international arena and also the begin of the competition dedicated to the artists. The platform will provide a creator statistics, TV support to the users and advertisers.New options and begin of the creation of our blockchain for stabilization of the platform.

⦁ Q3-Q4 2020

The entire year will completely be dedicated to the creation and stabilization of the blockchain, as well as the support associated with the licenses. Partnership with new automobile makers and television stations.

Bitsong (BTSG) Tokens:

The BitSong Token which is BTSG is the in-built token which will help you to do various jobs like uploading your own songs, Selling your songs, donating trough BTSG token, earning $BTSG token during your play, you can also listen to your songs on any Televisions as well as you can get sponsor for your songs or your business in this industry. So, here is the chance to get more and more profit through music industry and in this BitSong will help you

Bitsong ICO Details:

Bitsong Public Sale has started and it has already reached its softcap. Anyone can but BTSG token by ETH. And please do not buy your token from direct exchange. The token sale will remain live for 90 days. Hard cap of BitSong Token is 473.7 Million tokens.
It is the time time you should grab and get a lot of profit in your bucket as soon as possible.
Do visit on BitSong Official website for more live updates and join its social media platforms.

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