Lakers Win ... 117-91 over the Warriors - Bitsports Prediction Game

in #bitsports2 months ago (edited)

Did you predict that the Los Angeles Lakers would win ?

Then you won some Blurt on Bitsports.


Update: Bitsports is coming back to Steemit ... win Steem predicting the Winner.

I tuned in late and was nervous that the Warriors might win after hearing that they were on a 3 game winning streak and the Lakers were on a 4 game losing streak.

It goes to show that past performance is no guarantee of future success.... it was a time for streaks to end.

Here are the NBA Game Highlights ...

Source: Youtube


List of Winners to share almost 1,000 $ Blurt ... Did you Win ?



‘It’s challenging for all of us’: LeBron James finally breaks his silence on a 4-game losing streak for the Los Angeles Lakers


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