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Bitway A platform integrating an advanced hydro

powered mining operation with a tokenized revenue distribution model.
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Bitway official video presentation

Crypto-currency mining has been one of the most lucrative investments in this century. Crypto-currency mining has been the headline of the news and all media outlet over the years simply because lots of researches are been done by people who are ready to invest in crypto-currency mining. Blockchain technology has given the world lots of opportunity in which it’s only left for users and the whole world to explore this opportunity. Majority of the crypto-currency users only believed crypto-currency profits can only come from trading of crypto-currency but only few knew about the crypto-currency mining program which didn’t involve any form of stress before profits are been generated.

Lots of stress techniques and skills needs to be put in place before profits can be generated from crypto-currency. Crypto-currency mining program doesn’t need any stress as I have said earlier on all what it needs is just little power, set up and configuration in which there is a new blockchain based project today to simply the mining program for the users through the use of its platform. The name of the project is called “BITWAY”

As easy as it is to invest and earn from crypto-currency mining program, there still some challenges hindering the progress and development of mining operation. Over the years before the launch of this great project “BITWAY” we have seen lots of funds been carted away by the developers and founders of some mining program which this has created fear and lack of trust in the hearts of investors and lovers of crypto-currency mining. In order to stop the act of scam in crypto-currency mining and to also restore the lost glory in the crypto-currency mining industries, BITWAY has introduced some features in its platform that will be discussed in this article.


Mining Bitcoin is absolutely considered to be a fairly profitable investment that almost all people want to get into, but do you really doubt that you have the capital and technical abilities to accomplish this? Bitway Network is eager to revolutionize the mining industry in mining operations for bitcoins that are really suitable. With Bitway, it will not be necessary for you to overcome all the problems associated with factory equipment for extracting the necessary minerals in your living space, which in fact leads to intolerable costs for electricity.

For you, there is no need to maintain anything or to get involved in bills for technical services, noise, heating, rent or electricity – these are just some of them. Bitway eliminates everything, which is actually 100% troublesome and forces you to get involved in various tasks and chores, while your money is right for you.

Bitway operated with the introduction of repetitive energy of water

The intricacies of mobile containers for the extraction of the necessary minerals, the massive ASIC equipment for the extraction of the necessary minerals and repeatable sources of energy in an aqua base are, without a doubt, a fairly lucrative investment that brings enormous gains in the whole moon.

Using 0.06 kilograms of electricity WH, the extraction process will be excellent, cheap and profitable. Tools for mining the necessary resources are working on repeatable hydropower with low costs, which can help Bitway to maintain environmental friendliness, energy and production efficiency.


BITWAY mode of operation is based on renewable hydro-powered energy to solve the issues of energy consumption by the mining program. It has been designed with 1596W per hour, 5-40c Temperature, renewable energy, 70% ROI monthly, Cold Climate, Good user interface and High Security. All these features are what make BITWAY the best and unique among others.


Token Symbol => BTWN

Token Supply => 21,000,000 BTWN

93% Allocated to Community

4.3% Allocated to Team

2.7% Allocated to Rewards

Bitway Team





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