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The barter system is not a new concept, it has been an aged-long practice, right from the medieval times.

The old and outdated barter system has been modified into a modern day ecommerce barter practice, which now utilizes the trade exchanges.

These trade exchanges carries out the different transactions done in a bank, but virtually, using the online recording software. This method is called the modern day barter system.

In order to make transactions easier and more seamless for the users, these trade exchanges use a non fiat currency called the Barter Credit, to carry out different transactions.

The modern day barter system was actually becoming another alternative of making transactions and was beginning to gain recognition, but has also been halted by a few problems.

Some of these challenges are....

  • Conversion problem
  • Lack of trust and lucidity
  • The absence of a universal currency
  • Payment flexibility
  • Lack of a common measure of value, and a whole lot more of other challenges.....

All these, have affected not just the barter system, but the entire world system at large as it has also halted the progress which the modern day barter system would have brought into the global economic system.

But not to worry, there is a lasting solution which will not only solve the problem of the barter system, but will also boost the global economy in a great way, with its amazing approach.



BIZpaye is a fully decentralized modern day barter marketplace, which will serve as a standpoint for merchants to carry out different kinds of transactions, globally.

Bizpaye carries out transactions using the B2B,B2C,C2B and C2C transactions method.
It will employ the use of the mftu (mixed fabric transactions unit), which facilitates the use of different exchange means such as cash, the Bizpaye crypto and even the Bizpaye barter credit currency.

Bizpaye is totally unique and different from the regular marketplace, seeing that, on the Bizpaye decentralized marketplace, all the problems faced in the the modern day barter system and ordinary marketplace is solved, as the users will enjoy a great level of transparency, reduced product cost and increased speed of transactions.

This project (Bizpaye), with its great approach and methods, has proven to be a far more superior project than any other, as it utilizes the highly advanced and sophisticated technologies such as the blockchain and the smart contract, to run the system efficiently and facilitate the payment process.

Bizpaye facilitates transactions in its crypto-currency, so it is safe to say that it is an online crypto marketplace.


Bizpaye is a Marketplace which has the interest of its users at heart, so let's look at.....

Video Introduction


The Bizpaye Marketplace, utilizing the blockchain technology, is fully automated.
So, operations in the system are speedy and takes little or no time to execute, coupled with the fact that transactions are transparent and is at a reduced cost.

This is exactly what every business wants, a speedy and totally transparent transaction at a low cost.

Sellers who are registered on the Bizpaye platform have the opportunity to advertise their products, which creates a greater chance of getting quick buyers who sort through for their desired products, on the system.

So, the merchants on Bizpaye are always chosen by businesses, over the regular Merchants, as a result of the benefits that is enjoyable on the system.

The list keeps going, when it comes to the benefits that the Bizpaye marketplace has to offer.

I believe, no one would like to be left behind on these great benefits, that's why everyone should use Bizpaye so that they could enjoy the benefits which it provides.


CRYPTO is the Bizpaye recognized and accepted currency, which was created to provide the Bizpaye users, an exchange medium, which will help them to carry out transactions, effectively.
The CRYPTO is one of the currencies used to pay for goods and products purchased on the system.

BIZpaye recently completed its Initial Exchange Offering IEO on two reputable exchanges ( and and the CRYPTO Token is now listed on these exchanges for trading. Users and investors can still Buy CRYPTO utility token at base prices on these exchanges.


Bizpaye as a global marketplace gives it's users (registered buyers) the opportunity to order for goods and products and give the registered sellers the privilege to sell off their goods easily. It plans on utilizing the cutting edge technologies to revolutionize both the modern day barter system and the global financial system.

Now tell me, what more could anyone ever ask for?

Bizpaye is here for you.

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