BizShake, a New Economy Sharing Kid on the Block: Pawnng and Lending Made Easy

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With the various risks in the controlled P2P sharing economies, users are keeping away from the traditional outfits and opting for a more decentralized platforms where there is transparency and secure platform where their data id safe and cannot be shared by third parties.  BizShake is set to bring back the already eroded confidence in the industry using the immutable blockchain technology. 

As much as market leaders in the shared economy like Airbnb and Uber have had their success stories, a lot has been left out thus exposing the investors and ordinary user to unethical data mining, personal information manipulation and online identity theft. This has left many investors in the cold due to fear and lack of trust among the traditional service providers and this makes BizShake the only viable option of the future.

Why the Interest on the BizShake Ecosystem?

BizShake rides on the NEO ecosystem and this makes it one of the most reliable players in the shared economy market and since it is backed by blockchain, there are no downtimes, weak entry points for hackers and personal data manipulations because the system is immutable. This might sound out of this world but that BizShake for you.

The outfit is not just like any other; it comes with an array of developer apps that are the next frontier in the P2P of the future. The value of the ecosystem cannot be underrated given the dApp growing popularity and the freedom and flexibility that the ecosystem gives to the developers.

In a nutshell, BizShake is an enabling “tool kit” that allows third party developers build and customize their applications to meet their specific needs. Whether you are interested in individual or enterprise solutions, BizShake has you covered. What’s more; you can configure your app and target it to a select user group with their local language as part of the package.

Key BizShake Features: The 4 S

One of the striking features on BizShake is the SmartRent, real life user feature that many modern blockchain based outfits lack. This is a tool that comes in handy when looking for, say, an ideal location for your holiday or honeymoon. The systems comes with targeted searches that take less of your time and help you safe hundreds of dollars at the end of the day and is far much superior compared to traditional players.

Another revolutionary feature is the BizShake SmartCertify which covers lenders against losses or damages. With this feature, you are assured your property or assets are safe and sound and in the event of loss or damage, you get compensated. With the use of non-fungible tokens, you have an upper hand in ascertaining the available items are top notch and sound. The system does not stop at certifying but goes beyond to help in resolving any disputes that might occur.

This is where the SmartDispute tool comes in which is a tool that protects both the customer and the user. This ensures the timepiece in question is well covered and if it is damaged a solution is found amicably. This might mean the user forfeiting part of the deposit or giving the provider a different offer altogether. 

This makes the platform interesting since all transactions runs on smart contracts and there are several ways to sort out disputes. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved due to one reason or other a community appointed review team will be able to resolve the issue and compensation suits all parts involved. 

If you are a BizShake participant and need quick cash, the systems’ SmartPawn feature comes to your rescue in real time. whether you have a physical asset this becomes even better since you can give it out in exchange for cash and get it back once you pay the amount you borrowed  since the system is run on smart contracts, the agreement stands and has to be honored. 

Am sure you must be wondering how the system will be able to identify active participants; well; that is taken care of by the SmartIdentify feature. The ecosystem will partner with KYC and AML providers where a data base of lenders and borrowers will be set up. This will require user to provide their legit identities which will be used to create individual profiles and this will be used to track their transaction history.

The Team behind the Innovative BizShake

Out of logical necessity, it would sound rude to overlook the hard working team behind the BizShake project. The CEO is a respected fashion enthusiast and doubles up as the finance director at Trussardi fashion house in Italy and worked in other high profile companies which give users enough confidence to identify with BizShake.

The rest of the team is meticulously picked to cover core areas of the platform and their qualifications are all about the top cream in their various dockets. However, it is important to know your needs and use due diligence to ensure BizShake has you covered when it comes to sharing economy solutions are concerned and the BizShake detailed whitepaper is the best starting point for your background check.

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