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RE: Unredacted Black Book - Mr. Tim Newcome, Epstein's In-House IT Guy

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Excellent work my friend! This is the guy I'm working on...03.png

It took me 6 months to find out his name, but he's a famous French fashion photographer. There's a lot more going on as far as connections to the fashion industry than what's being revealed, especially with Les Wexner and Victoria's Secret. The guy in the photo has also been accused of sexual assault by some high-profile models... the whole industry stinks if you ask me!


Funny that you should post this pic, I've just found it as well but couldn't place him, glad to know you're on the case! I have seen the name Rachel Chandler a whole lot though. I completely agree that there's plenty of strands here to explore and Wexner and VS and Jean Luc Brunel's MC2 + Karin Models are no doubt trying to keep the lid on things before it erupts.