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Oh, that is the intoxicating word "Freedom"! Many compare their work with slavery. Today we will talk about a project whose mission is to accelerate progress, by optimizing the management processes of organizations. Today, organizations are created through the human factor, a very large proportion of the success of any organization depends on the talents of entrepreneurs and management. But the person is not perfect, it is peculiar to him to err and miss something important. Why not bring all the processes of organizations to common standards and not automate? The project, which will be discussed today in our review, changes the approach to the creation and management of organizations. This is one of those projects that can change the world beyond recognition in the very near future, and make sure that not people serve organizations, but on the contrary, organizations will be serve people as a tool for industrial interaction. And this is not just a dream. In the project team BLACKBOX people working in the guiding of Google, Aple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Disney and other giants. This is an incredible project. Three, two, one, let's go!...


Progress seems to be stuck. He is far behind the achievements of science. In many respects, because management in all modern organizations is based on the human factor. All decisions are made by the human brain. As you know, it often makes mistakes.

Studies show that 90% of people do not like their work. To the question "Why?" most often the answer is "there is no self-realization". It is most difficult for them to withstand the psychological tension in the team with which they have to be. And not because they want to, but because it is a necessity.


There would be a system that automates the management of labor!


To solve this problem, the best managerial minds from the most successful companies of the whole world have united. Google, Aple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Disney and many others, all known.


And all this for the sake of one goal - the creation of a global system of automated management of organizations. Blackbox OS or BBOS is an operating system. It is implemented in the organization and allows to make managerial decisions automated, relying on the accumulated experience of the entire BBOS system. And no paper red tape and arbitrariness.


The experience of the BBOS team allowed them to identify five processes that form the management system of any organization. Around them, they built the BBOS ecosystem.


Let's list these processes:

  • task management. BBOS changes the paradigm. Now the manager does not control the performer. The performer himself controls the system to perform his work and observe all the conditions. For the general control process, it is sufficient to set the initial conditions correctly;


  • evaluation of work. In the BBOS system, the evaluation occurs automatically, depending on the fulfillment of the terms of the smart contract. It is worth noting that the work will be evaluated regardless of the location in which the performer is located. Due to this, life in the regions of organizations will improve;
  • identification. This is a kind of analogue of the personnel department. It will accumulate all the work experience of the worker, all of his executed smartcontracts. The work will be easier to find - it will find workers. Thanks to BBOS it is possible to see, in what organization this or that employee is required. The system of tokens and smart contracts will allow to work officially in any organization, as necessary. This approach makes the labor market transparent. People can see in which direction a theory should be obtained in order to realize its potential;
  • goal setting. It is important for the team to see the goal not only personal, but also overall. This is an important motivation factor. In most modern organizations, the goals are very blurred. The goals in the BBOS system will always correspond to the SMART methodology;
  • information Security. Despite the global nature, BBOS organizations will be better protected from industrial espionage than modern organizations. Because management processes are protected in smart contracts and can not be stolen. But it is possible to apply. To do this, them need to buy a subscription to BBOS.

    The BBOS will allow organizations to exchange not only employees, but also entire collectives, equipment, workshops, and any other resources. In fact, the BBOS is a single global organizational system that serves humanity as a tool for the global movement towards progress and improving the quality of life.


The team includes representatives of the top management of the world's largest corporations. Look at yourself! Looking at the track record of the participants, to doubt that the BBOS goals will be achieved quite difficult. Although at first glance, these goals seem to be something of a fantasy world.








Token distribution



BBOS is a bright project among ICO's. First of all, it is important to note the team, its star composition. History does not know of other projects with such a large expert resource. Some kind of incredible revolution is brewing. We will follow the news of the project!


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The project is really grandiose. For the first time I meet such a human resource in one team!

The post is written with a unique flow. Your point driven home. Following all your posts

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