Community Blackjack: HANDS! 10 SBD Guaranteed +50 Voiceshares

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Community Blackjack!



Thanks to Community Casino

Thanks to @voiceshares

DAY 2 Rules are simple; first, upvote this post and comment with either ‘stand’ or ‘hit’.

You have until 10 AM PST on Wednesday to respond and to upvote this post. That is just over 24 hours from the posting of this game.


New Rule! Two Rounds for hitting:


You will have the next 12 hours to request up to two ‘hits’.


The next 12 hours will be a second chance to hit.

*You will need UPVOTE and Comment "stay" at least one time in the 24 hours after this post goes live to be considered "ACTIVE".


NEW Rule! 4 DECKS:

The deck will now consist of 4 full 52 card decks. As cards are drawn, they are removed. Only 4 of any single card is in each deck."


24 hours after the second post goes live, I will post the third and final post. This will reveal the dealer’s hand and the winner!

If more than one player wins, pot will be split.

If the dealer wins, SBD Prize Pool will hold over until the next game!


@artistannie has Q♣ and K♠

@bitrocker2020 has K♦ and 6♠

@blackvapor has K♠ and 8♠

@boatsports90 has 5♦ and 7♥

@breakthrough has 6♦ and A♣

@christ2169 has 4♣ and 4♣

@codypanama has 8♠ and 4♦

@davor27 has 7♥ and 3♠

@dksart has 6♥ and 10♥

@enginewitty has K♠ and K♣

@jjb777 has 8♣ and A♣

@lokii has J♥ and 6♣

@marzi has 4♣ and Q♠

@mikepm74 has 2♠ and Q♦

@solarsherpa has K♦ and 3♥

@steeminator3000 has J♥ and Q♣

@tbnfl4sun has 8♠ and A♦

@themarkymark has 7♣ and 2♥

@thundersam has 7♠ and 6♠

Dealer shows:

imgres-1.png imgres-1.jpg

The first round of ‘hitting’ or ‘standing’ begins! Upvote and comment on this post to stay live!





You now have 24 hours to respond to this post and upvote

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@bethalea and @nicnas

Nic and Me.jpg

Have a Lucky Day!


Hit, please.

you got it my friend...


good luck!!

Oh man not feeling good with my 12. Hit me!

I'll do my best...

how 'bout a...



Haha oh shit. Ehh I guess we're gonna have to hit one more time

hahahaa, for sure..

ok, here we go...

you've got a...




😂 guess we're cheering for another dealer bust!



(that's my terminator voice...)

you got it, baby ;)

@lokii has J♥ and 6♣

Damn, thats tricky. Almost have to hit with the dealer showing a 9, but I'll take my chances and stand. Come on bust.

stand on, @lokii ;) good luck!

Hey @bethalea, don't I get cards? I even asked politely.

Im so sorry Chops!!!! Of COURSE you do!! I am at work now but as SOON as i get home!

No problem.

what a day, man .... ;)

@chops316 has 5♥ and 4♦


Hit me. I hope today is going better for you.

little bit my friend, thank you!!

you've got a...


good luck!!

oh no... the dreaded 12.

hit me gently

you got it mike!

how 'bout a 9♥ ? :)

uhhh... Yes Please!

Stand on my 21!

Hold with 20!

good call! ;)

you got it sam!

you've been hit with...


aw. sorry buddy. you bust this time.

better luck next time!!

8 + 4 = Hit me Please :-)

hey cody!

you've got a...



Stand on that
Bustin bums me out hehe

Hit me please

hey marzi!

you've got a...


gotcha jj, good luck!!

This time Im gonna win ;-)

i hope so! ;)

have a lucky day!

Very nice completion of post! @bethalea

namaste, bro

I will stand with my 19!😜

good idea ;)

good luck!

Hit me please

you got it, davor!

you have a...


I stand with 20

Oops, missed this one. Have fun kids!

you got it christ!

you've got a ...


:) good luck! it 9 or 19 now???😂

it's up to you!! The A is either a 1 -or- 11 so you tell me! i'll be closing this game tonight so you've got some time to decide!

I stand with 19 then...😂

@bitrocker2020 has K♦ and 6♠
gimme a hit ...

hey friend!

you have a...


:( sorry buddy. busted!