Community Casino Blackjack! 10 SBD Guaranteed - REQUEST A HAND!!

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Community Blackjack!


Are you ready to play… again??

Thanks to Community Casino

Thanks to @voiceshares

DAY 1 Rules are simple; first, upvote this post and comment with your version of ‘hell yeah, deal me in!!’

You have until 12 PM PST/ 2 PM CMT / 3 PM EST on SATURDAY to respond and to upvote this post. That is just over 24 hours from the posting of this game.

After this @ccasino will draw your ‘hand’ and dealers hand then day 2 will begin and hits and stands will begin.


New Rule! Two Rounds for hitting:

Once I post the hands you will have the next 12 hours to request a hit. That will be round one. The next 12 hours will be a second chance to hit. You can hit twice per round if you want/need. You will only need to Comment "stay" once or hit once to be considered "ACTIVE," plus an upvote.

EX: Post goes live at 12am. You have until 12pm to request a hit. Then you will have until the 12am the next day (Post End) for an additional hit. Basically we will check for "Hits" 12 hours after the post and right before we close the hitting rounds."

See Schedule Below


NEW Rule! 4 DECKS:

The deck will now consist of 4 full 52 card decks. As cards are drawn, they are removed. Only 4 of any single card is in each deck."


If you do not upvote and comment, you will be considered "inactive" and have "folded."

24 hours after the second post goes live, I will post the third and final post. This will reveal the dealer’s hand and the winner!

If more than one player wins, pot will be split between them.

If the dealer wins, SBD Prize Pool will hold over until the next game!

Check out my first post on how to play here: Community Casino How-to: Blackjack!
and here: Community Casino Blackjack: Lets Play!





You now have 24 hours to respond to this post and upvote

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  • Create and account with your SteemIt username
  • Click the "Play" button
  • Go to the Tournament Tab and keep an eye out for the games and times



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You can vote for him as a Steem witness on this page:
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Have a Lucky Day!


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New rule,The funniest short comment gets a tip! Oh shit I'm not allowed to make the rules!
Please deal me in!

hell yeah, deal me in!!

I'm feeling lucky 🍀 Deal me in Please ♠️ ♣️ ♥️ ♦️

Request a hand.
Thanks J

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Deal me in please.

I Request a hand

I'm ready. Deal me in.

Please deal me in!

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In my hand two cards must be dealt.

I Request a hand

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Consider this a formal request.