I finally escaped the unknown fear

in #blessedlast month

After a long period of isolation I am now somewhat healthier and feeling much better than before and all is well I think this is the happiest news for me at this time.Since I was under house arrest for a long time, every time I felt like you were too long and life became very difficult for me and I was emotionally broken but now I am mentally healthy and those who support me in this difficult timeI thank them because if I didn't get their emotional support I would probably be more broken.

Honestly what an unknown fear is gone from my mind now and I am much healthier than before and the mind wants that now I am doing what the mind wants and I am much lighter mentally from tomorrow I will rejoin the action and all in all I am very Good one Spending time.I will share a picture. It is a somewhat symbolic picture. In my life, the last fourteen days have been cut in this way because my condition has become very difficult mentally and I was in a very bad condition in all respects I want to start life again.
I think those who have spent time with this fear were in exactly the same situation as me. I know this is a very difficult time and the realities I have come to know very well. In these 14 days, however, I feel much lighter now and feel betterI am doing well and all is well I just want to say that it is very important to give mental support to those who are in such problems.
Since I am a working person, I have had a very difficult time these days because I was out of work. I hope to go back to work from tomorrow. I want to go back to my work in a fairly good way Everyone will pray for me to return to healthy life and good luck to everyone. happy monday everyone.

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