China's Fujian Blind Football Team: Listen to the ball with your ears and play with your heart

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On October 23, the captain of the Chinese Fujian Blind Football Team, Yu Yuchang (first from right), broke through with the ball in the game. Fujian team defeated Guangdong team 2:0. Photo by Lu Liwan

China News Service, Fuzhou, October 24 (Lu Liwan). They can’t see the light, but they can play football. They listen to the ball with their ears, they play with their hearts, and they rely on sound to guide them to pass and shoot; they struggle in the dark world Running, fearless, they overcome the fear that ordinary people can't imagine, love football-they are blind football players.

China Fujian blind foot (red shirt) and China Guangdong team match scene. Photo by Lu Liwan
On the 23rd, the blind football project of the 11th National Paralympic Games was in full swing at the stadium of the Shaanxi Police Vocational College of China on the 23rd. Spectators were standing around the venues of the Chinese Fujian Team and the Chinese Guangdong Team. With the final whistle, 2 goals from No. 6 player Wang Yafeng finally won the match for the Fujian team.

The Fujian team defeated the Guangdong team 2-0. In the last Tianjin Paralympic Games in 2019, the Fujian team lost to the Guangdong team 0:1 in the fifth round. In this game, as the former captain of the blind Chinese football team, Wang Yafeng, an veteran player known as the blind "Messi" on the pitch, lived up to expectations. He scored two goals successfully. The day before, on October 22, Fujian had a blind foot match against Jiangsu, 2-0. Two goals also came from veteran Wang Yafeng.

"Today was more tired, and yesterday's game was harder, so at the end of the game, the coach replaced me and let me rest." Wang Yafeng said while relaxing.

In October 2016, Wang Yafeng retired from the national team due to many years of playing injuries and returned to his alma mater, the Fuzhou School for the Blind, as a football coach, enlightening to train more blind teenagers who love football. In January of this year, Wang Yafeng chose to return to the Fujian Blind Football Team. Not only did he bring new players, he also began to conduct recovery training.

"In these two games, Yu Yan pressed against the front and dragged them, so that I could score in the back." Wang Yafeng said to the only Fujian blind football team captain Yu Yuyan who remained in the national team. Yu Rang smiled honestly, revealing the red and yellow braces, very cute. "I feel good physically, not too tired."

Yu Yuyang felt that the midfield was a bit empty in the first half, so when the midfielder exchanged venues, he communicated with goalkeeper Hua Chu in time. "If you have a problem, you must find out the problem, find the problem, I feel obviously much smoother in the second half." Yu Yan said seriously.

For today's game, coach Wang Guishun was more satisfied: "The players played well on the court, and the cooperation is considered tacit."

The eyes covered with tape have no light perception. The shouts and commands of coaches, goalkeepers, and guides on the field, the ringing of football bells and the uninterrupted shouts of "Hey, hey, hey" are their "light", guiding them in the dark Run to the light, go all out.

"You played so beautifully!" The spectators frequently admired. Xiao Zhang, a volunteer serving for Fujian's blind feet, even shouted "Fujian team, I love you!" cheering and helping the team members get their coats.

Although he won two consecutive victories, coach Wang Guishun still couldn't relax: "The old players have returned, and the running-in time is still too short."

After Wang Yafeng returned to the team, Wang Zongyao, director of the Provincial Disabled Sports Management Center, came to Lin Jinbiao's massage shop to mobilize and hope that he would return to the team for training. Lin Jinbiao, a former member of the national team, retired with Wang Yafeng in October 2016. He went home and opened a massage shop with his wife. The income was not bad. Returning to the team to play football and participating in the training camp means that the business of the massage parlor can only be undertaken by his wife alone, but Lin Jinbiao still returns to the team.

Also returning to the team are Gao Kai, chairman of the Pingtan Blind Association and former national team member. For the glory of Fujian's blind foot, for the love of football in their hearts, there is a surge of blood in everyone's chest. Returning to the green field and achieving success as desired is the most gratifying to the veteran players. (over)

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