Gods Unchained Genesis Unpacking Addiction

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Yesterday I saw a post about blizzard banning a user from Heartstone and stripping him from all his winnings, and by the same time Gods Unchained responded that they will pay for all his lost winnings, and that no player should be punished for his beliefs. Anyway. The post from Gods Unchained went viral, and it really went viral, because now I am buying those packs. I might have played Heartstone 1-2 weeks of my life, and I am an absolute noob, but I thought what the heck, why not.

I bought a "rare package" and holy jesus, I finally understand the kids when they unpack those FIFA cards. It's a kick. You have to click the card, it turns, and if it's a great card they have put some sort of majestic noise when it turns, like thunder or a choir. Everytime the thunder sounds, you know it's the real deal holyfield. You can just feel how your brain pumps out dopamin into the body.

After the first packages, I was like..."fuck my investment in LOOM, THETA and other shitcoins, I am going Gods Unchained now"...And I did. Sold all my shitcoins and just bought packages. Last night I bought 100 rare packages and opened every single one them. Took like 40 min just to do that, but worth it.

Anyway..Other than me being addicted to unpacking, I would also like to tell you all that during this presale, you will be able to get cards that will never again be possible to get, so even for people who won't play the game, it might just be a good investment. Who knows. This is not a financial tip! It's called the Genesis season, and you gotta be quick. They are only availiable before game launch or when they reach 15m $.

If you want to give it a try, you can use my referral link:


Everyone who uses my referral link, and can prove it, will get 10 STEEM :)

Sorry but I have to go, I have to unpack some more.


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