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RE: Statement from the @blockbrothers #2.

Another reasonable statement to add to a growing list. I'm seeing good things.

I'm interested in your thoughts on 'a top priority' to have Justin apologize for calling witnesses supporting 22.2 malicious hackers.

Is covering asses or saving faces a top priority? In my case I support some of these people, but for the time being I think convincing Justin to wait before selling while moving forward on exploring the idea that the ninja mined stake is for Steem and not Steemit is most important.


I don't think Sun's maligning the witnesses carries any weight with folks that matter. From Buterin to BTC, anyone that understands the situation recognizes what Sun is up to and what the Steem witnesses have now achieved by taking 7 of the consensus positions and blocking Tron from executing a HF and extricating Binance and Huobi from their fraudulent positions.

I expect legal action to remedy the tortuous harm customers of those exchanges have suffered to completely reveal just who hacked maliciously to those that don't already know, and CZ will be lucky to avoid criminal charges IMHO. Sun as well. Dunno who runs Huobi, but them too.

Sounds like a long legal battle will happen.

I think Justin engineered a lot of this and at least anticipated it. Don't be tricked again. I think he has us exactly where he wants us. Lets not becime completely disorganized and squabbling for scraps.

Maybe he messed with CZ, CS (huobi) and Ned, too.

If he promised them they could powerdown their customers money right away, he sure did mess with them, because now he can't deliver, and they're stuck holding the bags of money with other people's names on it.

They're not gonna like that, and Sun did it to them.

They just thought no one would notice or care or stop them from using power to change this. Maybe they thought it was an easy change. They should have waited until they could immediately change it and took a gamble. It's not Justin's fault they supported Justin before the code was ready to be used.

Their keys, their choice. Regrettable they trusted him. Yeah he took advantage of them, but they took the bait and had the final say.

You're right. He reamed them pretty hard by not having that code in place prior to the forkening.

They've got to regret taking part at this point. He has left them dangling.

Only we can save them now.

The exchanges have the voting power to initiate a fork for a quick powerdown anytime they want.

No. They have the stake, but they do not have the fork. I am confident they are dependent on Tron for that code. Also, it is notable that to possess the stake to tip the scales on governance, they must seize their customers money for their own use.

That is a clearly tortuous harm to their customers, and is probably a criminal act. IANAL, but my understanding of fiduciary responsibility is the basis for my statements here.

Whether it's a crime or not, anyone that sends Steem to exchanges presently deserves to lose it. The exchanges are provably taking it and using it for harm to the Steem blockchain, which harms Steem stakeholders.

A different perspective is the exchanges have responsibility to ensure safety of customer funds by remaining in voting position until frozen wallet issue can be resolved.

Except Sun isn't a customer, and they have no legal obligation to protect his funds. I suspect a court would not agree that exchanges had any business protecting Sun's funds. They should be protecting their customers, and instead they've granted Sun complete control of the very source of the funds those customers entrusted to them, by using those customers funds to fuck them, instead of Sun, because they like Sun, not want to fuck him.

I would wager Sun is a customer, and while you may not agree with it, being in position to overrule a fork that froze any of their customer funds is a reasonable position to take. I consistently hear the phrase "not your keys not your coins," and these actions are part and parcel of that philosophy, as exchanges are engaging in protective stewardship of coins within their purview.