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After hearing about the news regarding HF21 and the potential proposal to hardfork out Steemit inc. from the blockchain the @blockbrothers would like to make a small statement:

Any Hardfork that proposes to fork out any account on the Steem blockchain we will oppose now and in the future and anyone on the Steem blockchain should be able to do with their stake whatever they want.

End of statement.

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Adding @blockbrothers as one of my witness today onward!


Thank you for being clear on your stance. 100% correct in your thoughts.

Completely agree.

That is a fair and clear statement!

Fully agree with this statement. And I have set blockbrothers as witness proxy in my account. Also after my college @ verhp11 mentioned you guys.

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I like it. No more words were used than needed :P

This is sensible because if accounts are hardforked out, the trust goes. Some people might not like Steemit inc. but that doesn't give them the right to ruin Steem for all of us.


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This is the first I'm hearing about this, is this a proposal by steemit Inc or someone else

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There was a half baked HF proposal by someone on Github that spooked Steemit inc. into powering down to protect their stake just in case. There is no official HF proposal to do any of this.

We (@blockbrothers) are against any sort of proposal hard-forking out any account if it would ever occur.

Clearly the green egg had no involvement in this half-baked proposal!

Thank you for the clear message from @blockbrothers. We have absolutely the same opinion as you guys.

No need to pirate the Ninja mined steem.

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Absolutely right, That proposal contradicts wirh the contract / agreement when first creating an account. Don't let this abuse happen. Thank you for this valuable information sir @blocktrades.

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I agree with this statement.
Very happy to know where blockbrothers stands on this!

Thank you for a clear statement, we agree with you!

thank you for sharing this information and for stand for us

I really want to help @blockbrothers witness advance up to #20 or better. What you need is something to help you stand out and get noticed by the community. I want to help you get the witness votes you deserve.

I have a few things on my plate that I need accomplished

  1. Get STEEM and/or SBD on more exchanges
  2. Find a way to get STEEM/SBD pre-payment verification system built-in to the STEEM blockchain.

I am wondering if the @blockbrothers team has C++ programming skills. If so, I would like someone to collaborate to program the necessary software for the next hard fork. This is software that would need to be written reviewed by witnesses and submitted to Steemit Inc. It would be more of an add-on capability and would not change the STEEM voting, social media, or currency system. I can guarantee at least 200 Million vests in witness voting. Maybe more.
Here is a link to the concept.

I also have over a billion vests to support a witness that gets STEEM and/or SBD on a major exchange. If you want to do this and you start fundraising to get the required listing fees, I will help post and resteem often to support your effort.
Here is a link to the witness voting community.

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I agree 100% with this statement, and support your witness accordingly.

We should not allow the rash actions of some disgruntled individuals to "spoil the meal" for everyone!

hey, @blockbrothers.

There's been plenty of statements going around, but I for one appreciate hearing from you and where you stand on what I feel has become the most important issue—the right to stake. It might not have started out that way, and there's certainly more to hash out then that, but the discussion has to begin there, or the rest never happens.

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