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RE: Statement from the @blockbrothers #2.

What you're saying here seems to be in contrast with what others are saying as to why the SF was implemented. From what @tombstone has said, there seems to be a bit more to it than there appears to be on the outside looking in. At the time of the SF I chose not to make a judgement, despite the questionability of restricting someone's use of their stake, purely because I wasn't privy to all the ins and outs of everything and wasn't really aware of what had been going on at the front lines. So I had to trust that those on the front lines knew what they were doing for the sake of the community who voted them in. Yet from what you've said here, I'm now not sure that the lower level witnesses are in the loop as much as they should be. Is this an oversight? It seems you weren't aware that attempts to talk to Sun had been ignored.