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Except Sun isn't a customer, and they have no legal obligation to protect his funds. I suspect a court would not agree that exchanges had any business protecting Sun's funds. They should be protecting their customers, and instead they've granted Sun complete control of the very source of the funds those customers entrusted to them, by using those customers funds to fuck them, instead of Sun, because they like Sun, not want to fuck him.


I would wager Sun is a customer, and while you may not agree with it, being in position to overrule a fork that froze any of their customer funds is a reasonable position to take. I consistently hear the phrase "not your keys not your coins," and these actions are part and parcel of that philosophy, as exchanges are engaging in protective stewardship of coins within their purview.

"...overrule a fork that froze any of their customer funds is a reasonable position to take."

Only if they favor that individual over the blockchain itself, and that demands they do due diligence and ascertain whether that action they are overturning by assuming complete control of blockchain governance isn't somehow prescribed by law or otherwise illegal or unethical.

Given the ignorance pled by CZ to date, that isn't what has happened.

This is just a brute force takeover of Steem by hostile actors, including Binance, and it's probably a criminal act for them to do so by seizing their customers funds and keeping them from their customers indefinitely, perhaps permanently, which is the definition of theft.

They are thieves, and you are supporting them in their depredations on the Steem community.

Fuck off.