Are You Frustrated With Your Steemit Blog? Here Are Four Ways To Change That

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Blogging on Steemit is a long game.

In one way, that's excellent because you have enough time to build your blog and get the rewards you so desire.

In another way, its scary because we all have those days when we are lazy and undisciplined.

In the early days of your blog, you have that adrenaline rush and enthusiams, your were told that you can earn free money with your post.

So you jump into the steem blockchain and start shouting your thoughts to anyone who would listen.

But after a while your throats gets hoarse and they may be a lot of reasons for this, it may be that you are not getting the level of rewards you anticipated.

Or it may be that you are not getting the amount of followers you desire and you feel that your voice is unimportant

Here are a few tips you should consider if you feel that your blog is worth fighting for

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Read Outside Your Niche

I talked about the importance of finding and dominating niche on Steemit last week.

When you are blogging on a topic it is only natural that you will immerse yourself in it, you will constantly read everything you can about it, news others blogs and even books.

This can be exhausting and an obssesive focus on only your topic can become boring for you.

You have to recognise when it is time to turn your attention outside your niche.

For example if you are a Motivational and Productivity blogger you can choose to study animals like ants or even bees to have an alternate views of the work process to know how best to motivate your audience.

When you focus outside your niche will make you smarter inside your niche.

And it will help make your blogging journey fun and adventurous.


Change Your Medium

When you read outside your niche it will also give you all whole range of new ideas of how to present your content.

You can change the way you present your content to your audience, maybe you are not such a good writer you can choose to vlog or you can start a podcast like @nantchev.

When you present your new ideas to your audience in a new format it will make your look fresh and interesting.

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Keep a "notebbook"

Remember my post about never running out of content ideas.

Most artists always keep their sketchbooks close as an opportunity may arise for them to sketch something they saw that intrigued them, it may be an odd shaped statue or a beautiful face.

I advice you as a blogger to keep a journal for capturing ideas that could come from the news, a magazine you read while waiting for your turn at the dentists or even Twitter.

As someone who needs to constantly provide content you have to take note of what happens around you and you can capture them for your audience.


Sail The Ocean

Some bloggers never see the need to connect and interact with others.

You put in the right amount of creativity writing that wonderful posts and then sit back and wait for people to come to you.

If everyone behaves like that then post engagement will be dead.

Focus is important but getting a wider or different view is important, you have to put yourself out there and show people what you are capable of.

You will reach more people by engaging with others rather than sitting at your blog and waiting them to come to you.

If it is possible meet them face to face, there are a lot of Steemians organising meet ups with people from the same region or locality.

Such meetings are important, Humans needs others Humans, I talked about that in detail in my post on building your tribe on Steemit.


Experiment Wisely

Though I said you can try out a new medium above, this does not mean you should do Video if you are not good in front of cameras.

We are all good at some things and need more work at others, and you should know that being good is not usually dependent on talent alone, you can still work and develop any skill you want.

But the truth is that we are not Superman, we can't be infalliable or good at everything, so you have to focus on your strenghts for the main time while slowly working on your witnesses.

So if you are not a good writer then stick to Video or Start a podcast, figuring what your strenghts are would help you craft your competitive advantage.

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Flag A Whale

No I did not mean that, don't flag a whale, it will only make your reputation score look like the price of Ripple.🙂

But you have to make sure you have fun, if life is not a game, you are doing it wrong.

Always be ready to experiment and challenge yourself with your content, try new topics.

@progressivechef blog is tempting me to start food blogging, this is not a call to be frivolous, this can an open a new chapter you never imagined.

So go out there, experiment and play.

Thanks For Reading

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Loved the post, very encouraging and realistic.
It is a long process to get to know Steemit community and its perks. And it is also a long process to get to know yourself and what you are good at. I have been here for more than a year and I am slowly attracting more followers. I truly hope they enjoy reading my content. That is my goal. Rewards are not so big but are bigger than on Facebook or other social media :) Steem on!!!

Hello @k4r1nn

Thanks for reading, I am glad you loved the post.

And know that though the process might be long, your plan will always work out.


Great tips @ogochukwu hope that many takes note, thanks for sharing.

You beautifully outlined some good points here...will surely get a small jotter and drop down those eurika moment! Thanks for sharing and keep up the steem!

I was blessed by this.
The post you shared with me the day we chat really went a long way.
Think i lack some few things like engagement, etc
i will like to pick up and be smarter in those areas.
Thanks ones again @ogochukwu for your help so far

Hello @godswill

Thank you for your sincerity it is refreshing.

Building a blog is not easy but with Hardwork and Perseverance you will overcome.


inspirational, uplifting, sophisticated tips and tricks, taken, noted, good post like always, well researched pimped blog

Thank you very much.

This post and preceding posts have been very helpful.

Hello @nuely

I am glad that you find my post enjoyable.

I appreciate.


thanks for your SOS blogging tips you rock good

That Ripple price quote made me laugh like a mad my friend!
I'm so glad that you are so interested in my blogs, wow what a great honor to again get a mention on your post! Thank you so much my friend!
I'm learning so much from your tips everytime i read your post!
Have a great day ahead!

that is actually nice. I believe to write wat people like you have to read outside your specialisation .you need to understand more about your readers then you have to study other people's post and understand and like you said so nice to have fun most important thing is to have fun while blogging because if you are not happy with what you're doing that thing will not become successful

You are always on point
Nice post
Thanks for sharing

Woah this is loaded, learnt alot

Flag A Whale
No I did not mean that, don't flag a whale, it will only make your reputation score look like the price of Ripple.

I guess i am going to do that to you @ogochukwu. LOL. Thank you for the tips they are helpful. Blogging is not easy but with these kind of advice it is easy to sail through.

Always nice to hear from you @turpsy

I am happy you got something out from the post.

Like the price of Ripple... hahaha!

Another great post! you're on fire @ogochukwu!

Lol that part was funny

Wow started following you all the way from literature-trail seeing your post is very enlightening and makes me happier knowing we are a nigerian. Met a couple of whales already steemit bt not nigerian. Keep it up boss. And I hope your health is good?

Hello @kingxy

Thanks for reading and for your concerns.

Yes, I am much better now.


Thanks you very munch,i learnt a lot from this post.God will reward you.upvoted

Thanks for reading @bestbiz

No I did not mean that, don't flag a whale, it will only make your reputation score look like the price of Ripple.

That was some real

Hello @ehiboss

Just decided to spice things up and take my own advice.🙂

Thanks for reading and the resteem. I appreciate.


@Ogochukwu, even though you're not a whale yet, I'm flagging you. Charity begins at home.

Nice post @ogochukwu , I have followed you and hope to get wonderful posts as his. Thanks.

Thanks for reading @treshy

This is actually d first time , I'm actually commenting and upvoting ur Post. Had no idea, u have been of assistance to me until just now. Thanks for the upvote on most of my votes. I appreciate it

These are some excellent tips and I've been using iPhone notes instead of an actual notepad which is okay. I am going to bosa the upvote button ;)

It is not easy to get views on the things you write. A genuine message has some trouble getting through the wads of link dumps and price updates of [token x]. It works best if just writing to get a point across. Do not focus on any reward. If it is the reward you're after, you will remain frustrated for life.

Thanks for reading

Hi @ogochukwu, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.