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RE: WE URGENTLY NEED someone who knows GitHub, Busy’s code and SteemConnect

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Doesn't seem too awfully complicated by this description. I've worked with javascript before, but it does look like some capable people are already on it. Maybe I'll still end up giving the particulars a once over if it's not cracked soon.

Github repository link?


Dear @a-non-e-moose

I would be absolutely greateful if you could try to help @varioso with this problem.

Cheers, Piotr

Thank you so much @crypto.piotr.

Hi @a-non-e-moose, thanks for your post and your interest!

Shouldn't be that complicated but what do I know :)
Here's the GH link:

If you're interested in taking a stab at this or need more details, please ping me on Discord and let's talk:

I downloaded the code and I'm trying to track down the relevant lines. Unfortunately it seems that the link in the original post describing the details is broken.

I made a Discord account once upon a time ago but I never really used it more than once. I'd have to dig up the account info and such. With thoughtful writing and patience I think this comments section could suffice to exchange those details. Unless you have some aversion to doing so of course.

I'll check back in some hours.

Hi @a-non-e-moose, thank you for your time and effort. Please let me know if you need any further details. You mentioned some broken link there. Please elaborate if need be. Thanks.

Oh I actually probably should have directed the part about the link to @coach.piotr. I saw your username on github and got confused.

No matter now, the link is back up.

I also think I've found the relevant files.

No, it's fine. coach.piotr was kind enough to resteeem about the issue, though he's not familiar with the details. I can provide any further info where needed, including links. Thanks again.

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