Lithosphere: AI Driven Interoperability Cross Chain Protocol

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The tremendous benefits of blockchain innovation is that it help in solving the issue of trust facing us, thereby increasing the rate of our advancements and civilization. The application of blockchain innovation is enormous because of the need for us to reduced cost and improve efficiency in trust based applications. Since blockchain have the capacity to carry out tramission of distributed values than the way conventional Internet of Things applications will do it, therefore the application of blockchain innovation transdence is from the application of Internet of Things to that of Value which can be termed as the third generation of Internet.

The goal of Lithosphere is to connect all blockchain protocols and eradicate the barriers between protocols by allowing them to interact and communicate with each other. The end goal is to make it easy for different blockchain protocols to communicate with each other thereby creating a connected blockchains in a decentralised ecosystem.

About Lithosphere

Lithosphere is the first global A-powered Interoperability blockchain protocol developed by KAJ Labs Foundation. Lithosphere developers ensure the platform is highly scalable and built with high standard. The platform is also integrated with Deep Neural Networks DNNs. The foundation behind Lithosphere to develop the platform further for better communication and interaction with other blockchain protocols.


A good example of Lithosphere applications is the trading of NFT. Before this platform, one can only trade NFT within one blockchain network i. e Mr A selling NFT asset to Mr B on the same Ethereum network. It is not possible to send NFT from Ethereum network to BSC network but with Lithosphere, users will be able to send NFTs and other digital assets from any blockchain protocol that make use of Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT).

Lithosphere Features

Litho Utility Coin: The multichain token (LITHO) is the token that power the operations of Lithosphere protocol. It offers a wide range of utilities that goes beyond mere trading.

Thanos Wallet: Thano wallet is a wallet that support LITHO token. Users can use it to store the token. The wallet is built with features that supports cross-chain swap, multi-asset storage, NFTs storage, yield farming and many other things.

LithoSwap DEX: LithoSwap DEX is a decentralized cross-chain trading platform built with Myriad Distributed Key Management (MDKM) features. LithoSwap allows exchange between any coin on any blockchain that uses ECDSA or EdDSA as signature calculation like BTC, Stellar, etc.

LUSD Algorithm Stablecoin: The Litho USD (LUSD) is an algorithm enabled stablecoin that exhibit chipping on the Ethereum network. But this coin is not backed by fiat currencies as we have in other stablecoins like USDC and USDT or the one backed by crypto assets like Pax Gold (PAXG).

Genuine Interoperability: Most blockchain platforms out there that offers Interoperability use the same model of forcing partner blockchain protocols to remain on their parachain and work with correspondence in group connectivity. But Lithosphere work in a different way, Lithosphere plan to create a natural environment that can work with trust less decentralised correspondence between different protocols.



Lithosphere has a well defined goal and the goal is to set up a research framework on cross-chain interoperation development, AI and Machine learning couple with its features of decentralisation. They are working to develop a highly efficient Interoperability blockchain protocol which will be able to work across chain for trading multiple assets without the need to swith from one blockchain network to another. This project will surely add value to the industry and it will increase the mass adoption of blockchain technology and its decentralised currency. Why not check out the links below for additional information about the project.



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