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Today emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances both for human health and for the entire environment are increasing both from industrial enterprises of various kinds, from road transport, from the release of garbage to illegal places, from water tankers transporting oil offal.

In most cases, all this is due to the education of the population, poor organization of municipal institutions, creating garbage places, dividing them and sorting them into household waste, plastics and glass. Enterprises do not use the technology of processing their waste and it is easier for them to create large accumulations of harmful substances that emit heavy metals and dioxides of chemical compounds during decomposition.

Of course, first of all, we need to start with ourself and not pollute our nature with garbage emissions, it is possible to burn them personally, but for better motivation, we need to develop a more useful and conducive technology to reduce such actions.
We are faced with a global task to somehow reduce the daily amount of harmful emissions, and it becomes clear that most states are unable or do not have a great desire to create such an ecosystem that contributes to the purity and more efficient processing of waste from enterprises and industries.

Fortunately, I am glad that I have time to find interesting projects and just today I am ready to introduce you to a company that can eliminate or reduce this disadvantage in the field of overwork and it is called Coldfall.
Coldfall is an officially registered company and started its activity in 2012. This team has already developed a technology for recycling waste in the form of coal, car tires, oil products and shows the following results: 99% recycling success rate, zero environmental impact, fully recover all four products from recycled tires.

Moreover, the company aims to create such services for processing and accepting various types of waste around the world, which also creates additional jobs. Their developed technology also produces such popular products as activated carbon, black coal, carbon steel, syngas and can be easily implemented in the future.

The team will reward each participant of this ecosystem with digital tokens for collecting and delivering waste to such stations that will generate a large amount of electricity from coal for powerful generators during processing and contribute to the development of waste-free technology.
To implement its plans and ideas, Coldfall released its own tokens called Transmute coin in the amount of 10 trillion, which will be used as the main payment systems on the platform, which will help get rid of traditional bank accounts, electronic services and enter into agreements based on smart contracts.

Transmute coin is created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, which has already earned the respect and a considerable number of users around the world and contributes to solving the issue of trust between participants. The team has already developed a convenient mobile app for both Android and iOS operating systems and is available for download.
In conclusion, I want to say that this is a very unique and useful company that can leave the world cleaner and more environmentally friendly for future generations and motivate people not to throw away waste on vacation. Shamla Tech Solutions is the project's technology partner. You can find more information on these links below:

🔥WEBSITE OF COMPANY: https://transmutecoin.com

🔥CHAT ON TELEGRAM: https://t.me/transmutecoin

🔥WHITEPAPER ON ENGLISH: https://transmutecoin.com/assets/docs/whitepaper_v9_4.pdf

🔥ANN BTT THREAD LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5206741

🔥FACEBOOK PAGE LINK: https://www.facebook.com/transmutecoin/

🔥PAGE OF TWITTER: https://twitter.com/transmutecoin

🔥LINK OF REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/Transmutecoin

🔥URL OF CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1wJgWa13h2rGWAqJ8yNXw

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An interesting and useful idea for protecting the environment, I am also studying this project!

Our environment needs to be such a powerful technology!

Platform token holders have certain advantages!

I agree, over time, they can grow well in price!

Thank you for the good review and useful information, the project is worthy of attention and financial support from investors)

This project will make our air and environment cleaner!

I hope this development will be a great success and I wish the team to achieve its goals!

I will believe that the team will make every effort to do this and the community will grow!

This developed technology has good results and efficiency!

This is a very effective solution for the protection and cleanliness of both the environment and human health!

The team and platform arouses great interest and solves an actual modern problem!

Protecting our environment is a very urgent task!