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  For ordinary users and members of the crypto industry, they often fail to understand why such strong attention is paid to the team of creators, developers and programmers in blockchain projects. It seems that similar blockchain projects have the same working model, principle of operation and scheme of application. If you look through the eyes of such a user, the cars from the segment "Budget cars" and "business class"-exactly the same cars. All of them have a steering wheel, pedals, doors, wheels and seats, they perform the same functions, work the same on gasoline. In general, the essence is clear. That is exactly the quality of work of designers, their experience, quality of performance, prestige, reliability-distinguishes them among themselves.
  The same goes for the blockchain industry. There are certain technologies (protocols, programming languages, algorithms) and how successful their application and implementation will be depend entirely on the development team.
  Every user wants to get only the best. Accordingly, only the real strong and experienced teams of creators of blockchain projects will be able to provide them with this.
Veil-Is it?
  Veil is a project that has created a secure anonymous environment that ensures anonymity and confidentiality of transactions using cryptocurrency. Security, privacy and anonymity-these are the areas that develops and implements the project Veil.


• Use of RingCt protocols, so that all transaction components in the Veil network are anonymous.

The RingCt protocol provides highly decentralized cryptocurrency, which has proven security assessments, and hides transaction amounts, their origins and destinations.

• BULLETPROOFS technology is used to reduce transaction sizes.
• Using the most secure and time-tested software for the chain of blocks-the core of Bitcoin.
• Veil uses a consensual system Proof-of-work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS).
• Coin Veil-These are anonymous coins that do not have IDs that will be available to users, but their movement between purses is not available for others to see. Attackers will not be able to track the amount of the transaction and its members (sender and recipient).
  Veil is also unique in that when successful startup and operation (Veil Coin-reached the cost of $0.40), Veil Labs-personally discovered a small vulnerability and lack of use of the Zerocoin protocol. And in the future refuses to use it. Now Veil Labs is looking to replace this protocol with a similar one, with full preservation or improvement of its functions. If Veil Labs fails to pick up such a protocol, Veil will develop its own protocol to ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality when dealing with digital financial assets.


  Veil Project-has the strongest team of developers in its arsenal with the only goal-to ensure complete anonymity of users in the blockchain network, it is all their operations with crypto currency. Starting from storing them on Veil Wallet and ending with anonymous Veil Maining. And it's all within the same ecosystem.

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Veil Labs.

  James Burden is the founder of the Veil project. The most famous crypto specialist of the industry, who is the founder of the famous cryptocurrency PIVX and co-founder of zDEX and Exobit.

  Tom Bradshaw, he participated in the development of more than 50 crypto currency projects, developed and implemented the world's first private POS protocol. In the blockchain industry community is one of the most authoritative and competent professionals. Worked on projects: zDEX, PIVX, Libzerocoin, HyperStake, Crown.

  Another significant figure in the blockchain world Jeremy Anderson, who is also working on the project Veil, he is famous for developing the algorithm of mining X16R. Worked on projects PIVX, Ravencoin, Zelcash

  Veil Amazing project. It is amazing not only that it was launched without ICO and Pre-mine, entirely on the means of its creator. But the fact that the development team itself identified the flaw and vulnerability in the protocol of anonymity-it is that the project has already received recognition among users, and the price of Veil Coin reached $0.4. To admit their mistakes, to inform about it and to start looking for ways of their elimination is the way of strong and successful projects


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