Kimera AGI ICO - The Documentary Series (Part 4)

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This week, we commence our exploration of Season Two of the Kimera AGI documentary series.

If you’re new to this documentary series, it is focussed on the efforts of Mounir ‘Mo’ Shita (Founder and CEO of Kimera AGI) and his Kimera Systems team, as they endeavour to launch a successful ICO for their Artificial General Intelligence product, code-named “Nigel”, in honour of Nigel Deighton, a mentor, friend and former research partner of Mo.

The progress of the Kimera AGI ICO is being documented by marketing specialists, Tribe Media House (led by Co-Founder and CEO, Faris Mubarak), who have been given the task of following the Kimera AGI team as they go about the business of raising awareness and funds for the Nigel AGI project.

The documentary series will record the efforts of the team, from it’s origins through to one year after the ICO Tokensale is completed, in an effort to show the world what it takes to create a successful ICO.

For those of you who missed Parts 1 though 3 of this article series, they can be found here:

This week, we’re looking at the first two episodes of Season 2, and a synopsis of each episode is provided below, along with a link to the related video. Originally, I’d planned to wait until the first four episodes of season 2 were released, but have instead decided to focus on fewer episodes per article and provide a deeper look at each of them.

Let’s dig in…

Season 2 Episode 1 - Credibility Tour: Liechtenstein & DFKI

Mo and the documentary crew overcome some transport and accommodation issues as they make their way from London to Liechtenstein. Originally, they were booked to fly out of London, but an airline pilot strike and no other available flights meant they were forced to take the journey by land, rather than air. This put the team seriously behind schedule, leaving them only two preparation days, instead of the planned four days.

Mo’s first official stop on the European tour is at the University of Liechtenstein, for a meeting with faculty to help cement their research partnership. Mo also gives a presentation, which turned out to be the most attended external presentation in the department’s history.

Additional travel issues leaving Liechtenstein again put the team behind schedule for their meeting at the German research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI [the abbreviation for the German name of the centre])

Upon arrival at DFKI, the camera crew are banned from Mo’s meeting with Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz, who is clearly skeptical of Kimera’s AGI claims in a brief glimpse that we see of him prior to the meeting.

However, once Mo explains the science and methodologies behind Kimera’s Cause:Effect algorithm, Dr. Lukowicz has a visible change of demeanour and allows the documentary team into his office to film some footage for the documentary.

The signifyicance of this change of brief by Dr. Lukowicz should not be underestimated. This is a man whose career is focussed on AI technologies. He is a scientist, and the beauty of that is, given a weight of evidence to support a theory, a scientist is inclined to open their mind to the possibility of a new idea or concept.

After Mo had explained Nigel’s underlying architecture, Dr. Lukowicz was clearly impressed by the evidence presented, and in the footage, you can see the excitement in his eyes, as he talks with Mo. He has had a complete several of opinion from the person who initially waved off the camera crew when they first arrived.

Mo comes away from the meeting very excited, and quotes the Dr. Lukowicz’s request of, “Can we do a project together?” It seems another research partnership/project is on the table in Europe.

Once again, viewers are encouraged to watch every second of the episode, right to the very end, or you may miss out on some vital information.

We meet:

  • Gabriele Viebach, Head of International Relations for Kimera

  • Michael Schmidt, Marketing Advisor for Kimera

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Vom Brocke, Vice President Research & Innovation, University of Liechtenstein

  • Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz, Head of Embedded Intelligence Dept, DFKI

Season 2 Episode 2 - Monaco

The team leave Liechtenstein and head toward Monaco, via Geneva, where Mounir gets to finally meet Sebastien Deighton, son of Nigel Deighton, namesake of the Nigel AGI technology.

The pair discuss AGI and Mounir’s seven years of working with Sebastien’s father on the project.

The team arrive in Monaco and are dazzled by the immense wealth on display… cars, yachts, buildings.

Gabriele Viebach discusses some statistics about the population of Monaco, and the upcoming investor meetup.

Mounir and the camera crew are again running late for the meeting because of travel issues. I’m glad Mounir is an AGI scientist, not a travel agent :)

They eventually arrive and Mounir gives an ICO Presentation, during which he explains that the telecommunications industry in the key to success for the global rollout and adoption of the Nigel AGI ecosystem.

The episode concludes with a quick pitstop in Milan, as Mounir and the team travel back to Germany for another meeting with Dr. Lukowicz at DFKI. Does this meeting have something to do with the “Can we do a project together?” comment from the previous episode? We will have to wait, to find out.

Yet again, viewers are encouraged to watch the episode right to the very last second.

We meet:

  • Sebastien Deighton, son of Nigel Deighton

  • Pierre-Yves Dittlot, CEO & Founder of Ledgity, who are building a global ecosystem dedicated to Security Tokens.


The White Paper gives lots more info:

The YouTube channel:

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Mo and the documentary crew overcome some transport and accomodation issues as they make their way from London to Liechtenstein.
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.

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