EFFECT.AI is The best Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network

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Is a decentralized record like the blockchain gives an immediate connection amongst supply and request which can significantly alleviate these issues.
Effect.AI proposes a private, decentralized biological community for AI advancement and AI related administrations called The Effect Network.
The system requires no commissions, has a low boundary to passage, and is part up into three unmistakable stages: Effect Network , Smart Market, Mechanical Turk , the points of interest of which are portrayed underneath.
On this platform any algorithm can be accessed as a service in a unified manner and has a convenient way to receive payment.
Effect.AI creates a market where people can readily buy and sell services of these AI algorithms and for easy payment with the effect token.
Apps can be registered within the market and designate a fee for their use and will then be made available to everyone.
They have a project introduces an open, decentralized network that provides services in the Artificial Intelligence market.
The have 3 phases of The Effect Network require no fees, have a low barrier of entry and provide fast growth to its users.

Phase 1 is EFFECT Mechanical Turk

The Effect Network is for tasks that require human intelligence.
Allows any person in the world to carry out a wide range of tasks and receive fair payments.
It will give developers and businesses in AI access to a vast workforce of human intelligence to train AI algorithms.

Phase 2 is EFFECT Smart Market
The AI Smart Market effect is a decentralized platform where people can offer and buy AI services.
This market or exchange is where AI developers with functional algorithms can sell, rent or service for a simple and easy payment with the Effect Token.

Phase 3 is EFFECT Power
It provides a decentralized distributed computing platform that will run popular learning frameworks.
The effect of decentralized computerized engines is based on popular learning networks such as Caffe, MXNet and Tensor. We want to distribute the computational power of all AI so there is no single weak point.
Make an effort and put your head to the input, do not try to take the easy way, you'll be caught anyway. That's all I can say about

To take in more about The Effect Network and its forthcoming March 2018 token deal for AIX tokens, visit online today at Effect.AI
This is the official site I used as a source https://www.effect.ai/

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