Competition and the winners in blockchain

in #blockchain4 years ago

Let's face it: The blockchain space is in a huge competition. It doesn't matter at which competition in the world we look, we will most likely see a winner and a looser there. So who will be the winner in blockchain space and who will be loosing or will it be possible to make everyone a winner?
I personally would like to see the last possibility happening and we should work towards that goal but for now let's say that there is a winner and a looser in this game.

What is the difference between the winners in the current markets and future blockchain winners?

I am talking about giants like facebook, apple, amazon or new ones like Uber. There is a winner takes it all tendency. One company gets the biggest market share and can outperform the competitors. I say that there will be a similar tendency in the blockchain space. In the moment that people agree on something, they create value. It doesn't matter which sector you look at. When people agree to use one service more than the other they shift value. Facebook, Google, AirBnb or Amazon are all examples for this. But what are we agreeing on actually? Do we realize under which rules we are playing?  And do they change? I only have an answer for the last question and the answer is yes the rules are changing very often and the big players can just dictate the rules because we are kind of dependent to these services. We are the product, the companies have to pay for advertisement and facebook is the big winner that can do whatever it wants and of course uses this power. The difference with blockchain governed networks is that the rules of the blockchains are not so easy to change and there will definitely  be discussions BEFORE something is done and not afterwards when nothing can be changed anyway. 


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