“Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain-Based Finance” - Presentation by Paul I. Huse

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Paul I. Huse is the co-founder of Enin, a startup developing deep-learning based news analysis for the financial markets.

The blockchain opens new horizons for AI, both as a problem domain that can be modelled, and as a medium for an AI to exist or operate in.

"The openness that blockchain-based finance is based upon creates new possibilities for democratized trading AI, as access to high-grade data no longer becomes costly, and interaction with the markets directly becomes easier than ever. Meanwhile, the possibility of building AI agents operating on or in the blockchain itself is quite exciting, offering new approaches to AI problems, and possibilities for new ways of creating intelligence."

Watch the presentation here:

What do you think?

What does the future hold for blockchain and the progress of artificial intelligence? Are Blockchains Promising as a Medium or Environment for AI? Or both?


Interesting video. Even more interesting is that I just came across the app "Cryptohopper" that's applying some of the ideas in the video. Thanks for sharing!