📢 RuDEX updates!

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For some the autumn is the time of melancholy and decay, but for us it is time of launches and updates.

1. Automatic selection of the interface language based on browser language (this works for new users). If you are an existing user and want to see this feature for yourself, you’ll have to clear your browser cache, but backup your wallet first!


2. Multilanguage trollbox. English, Russian and Chinese interfaces have their own separate cozy Telegram channel based trollboxes. Trollbox languages correspond to interface languages.


3. New dark RuDEX theme. Now you can stare at your monitor for hours in much more comfort. You can check it out in the options theme menu.


4. And lastly, but most importantly is that RuDEX gateway is added to Bitshares core wallet


5. Also the code was synchronized with upstream up to this version: https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-ui/releases/tag/2.0.171009

We give you our big decentralized thank you and so long!

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fantastic to see another quality GUI that is making changes beyond the reference client. well done rudex


Well done Dima to you and your team :)

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Thankyou @blockchained for your sustained and diligant work on this amazing tool of value exchange on the Blockchain !

Thank you for your support! :D

I have test rudex and its a really good platform.
I like that their are lots of websites which offers this.
I am sure that bitshares will go to the moon and it will change the world og cryptocurrencies.
It have so much potential.
It 100% decentralized.
Not just the coin but also the exchange.

I love this idea. No one better to oversee a rise to championship levels like AN ACTUAL CHAMPION.

Hey! İts post perfect. Your page so nice! You can uptove this comment ?

Thank you.. Doing great job

Good job!

Finally some real competition for wallets on Bitshares. Great job guys.

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I just made a post about the RuDEX gateway. Really great news!

Thanks! We'd also appreciate if you vote for our Steem witness! :-)

I just did! :P