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The digital world is moving towards the next generation in computing models, questions are being raised about the future of industries and enterprise and their products and services whether big or small regarding what platform to operate, Blockchain has the potential to become one of the primary enterprises to build these systems and ecosystems on.
However, in order to achieve this future a major step change is required, this time not just on the core elements of blockchain operating system but in creating a completely new “enterprise-blockchain-platform” that is essentially low cost.
This platform AERGO. It is the next generation “enterprise-blockchain-protocol-and-platform.” Its core elements are built on BLOCKO, BLOCKO is a prominent blockchain firm that has assisted many leading firms to deploy business systems on a secure blockchain.


Since the introduction of the internet, there has been a vast improvement from basic internet systems, slow websites, dial-up modems e.t.c. to rapid interaction, and hyperconnectivity to users across the web. But however, these systems were built on highly centralized mega platforms where user personal data, business data and perhaps meta-data are been collected, mined and exploited by the owners of these mega platforms.
However, there is a rapid adoption of open sourced based platforms because of the need to have a more secure cloud system. This adoption is creating an entirely new way for of developing new services and at low-cost also. This is what we call “the serverless utility computing.”
In this serverless architecture, the focus is being diverted from learning complex structures and languages to creating these applications that touch and interact with the end users.
We believe that using this open sourced based platforms will bring about decentralization of data: the human centralized internet.


Blockchain provides the means toward democratization. it provides perhaps the most innovative and secure means for developers and companies to capture value in a more open, secure and trusted distributed ecosystem.
Blockchain has created the first-ever decentralized architecture of the internet whereby the approval regarding data collection across an entire network is not being controlled by a third-party arbitrator.
One major development to this will be the creation of the decentralized application dApp. dApp is a backend software code that is running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network this allows the user to have complete custody of their data, identity and digital assets.

#####The advantages of dApp are not limited to:

  • Improved security of data and assets.
  • Reduced cost of running a business
  • Reduction in cyber fraud
  • Reduction in the average transaction cost.


There are several challenges for scaled business who would want to operate on this platform. Some of these challenges include:

1. Lack of reliability

Basically, the public blockchain has been subjected to frequent hard forks. i.e the need to modify the underlying technology, this has created operational issues in business as they do not have full control of their infrastructures. This has therefore exposed the IT network itself to various attacks. And with further adoption of the blockchain network improved scalability is of importance without which the further adoption of blockchain technology by firms who need stable IT will become rather impossible.

2. High volatility in transaction fee.

3.IT integration difficulty

Enterprises and business have been optimizing and performing their transaction through the use of digital technology since blockchain provides a more secure platform there will be a need to integrate into the blockchain technology, this may be disruptive, difficult and very risky.

4.Software development difficulty.

Blockchain often introduces a new programming framework and languages. This gives developers little or no time to experiment and learn these programming styles.

5.Privacy issues

Currently, the need for a more secure and private data source is more than what the public blockchain can provide.
Inoperability constraint
It is rather challenging to combine and work with both private and public blockchain protocols as it often results in degrading performance and losing important characteristics in both systems.
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AERGO presents the mastery of both public and private blockchain supported by modern cloud architectures.

AIM: To create a platform that allows each party to create innovative and trusted services.
It also aims to become the one that provides the link between public and private networks. It aims to provide a platform that supports user-friendly, feature-rich, multiple patterns and standards, consistent plugin-based smart contract infrastructure for programming each business operation.
In summary, AERGO wants to combine the practicality and innovation of public chain with the performance and security of the private blockchain.



It is the public blockchain protocol that is designed to solve the problem in the public blockchain. It intends to use delegated-proof-of-stake(DPOS) governance model with a sovereign delegation algorithm to make it reliable and therefore increase its quality of service. It features an SQL smart contract to ensure its usability. This will ensure that the user chooses an algorithm that satisfies the business purpose.
For the problem of integration, AERGO due to its nondestructive process provides a straightforward solution to branching and merging using either the automated merging or the consistent merging, and will also provide a more friendly syntax and semantics for users who are used to control system versions.
In order to maximize system performance, AERGO introduces parallelism to various stages of the processing of blocks.
AERGO also comprises of a unique file system in order to tackle the issue of scalability.
In summary, AERGO CHAIN intends to be a very powerful public internet of the blockchain.


This proposes to be the public interface where companies and dApp developers access computing power to run their business. Their advantages are not limited to:
An uninterrupted content delivery network
A completely serverless database with no arbitrators
Internet for smart oracles to connect a blockchain


This is the one stop shop for software applications, computing resources and other services optimized for AERG CHAIN. Digital capabilities that will be managed by the marketplace includes the following;
Content delivery market
Storage capabilities
Machine learning algorithms
Specialized databases
Smart contracts
Smart oracles
Digital identity blueprint
AERGO blockchain training
AERGO token is the proposed utility token for the AERGO platform. It aims to be used in order to access the following
To run smart contracts
Pay the AERGO hub
Pay the AERGO domain
Pay the technical support
As Payment method to be used in the marketplace


AERGO has pulled together a smart team and advisory panel that have wide vast experience and has proven to be experts in their profession. They have various duties including
. AERGO board
. committee heads
. technology team
. business team
. AERGO advisors


The transition from a centralized network to highly decentralized or serverless architecture have begun, businesses are now given an opportunity to manage and decide what to do with their own data without a third party arbitrator, the serverless architecture in providing the ability to use multiple business application, reduce operational cost, manage and handle IT resources quite easily, and so much more.

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