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Honeypod is a brilliant equipment unit that is the measure of your palm of your hand. It interfaces legitimately to your web switch with the goal of capturing undesirable information, demands, and contents from entering the web association of your gadget. By empowering a blocking framework at the most abnormal amount page load speeds drastically increment while in the meantime identification of the equipment unit is incomprehensible. Since Honeypod can't recognize it, can't be ceased, blocked, or skirted.
The scene of the web as we probably are aware it today we assembled totally around shrouded administrations that have the expectation of following and checking an individual's every move, their identity, what they take a gander at, and who they partner with without affirmation or assent.

Gone are those occasions when the data and information sharing isn't globalized, the measure of vitality and assets required for information sharing is enormous. The web has accompanied an enduring answer for this individuals would now be able to send information in seconds crosswise over fringes comprehensively. Notwithstanding, the arrangement offered by the web isn't immaculate because of the way that private information is abused and attacked. The absence of security, protection, and control of individual information while getting to the web has prompted the advancement of HoneyPod, an enduring, lasting an ideal answer for the issue of web clients all around.



Honeypod instantly and successfully shields your private information from associations, organizations, and horrendous performing craftsmen. Speedily you use the Honeypod development then you become secure and secretive on any device wherever on the planet without the fear of insurance assault or security concerns.

As an individual, you ought to have this Honeypod advancement if:

I. You have to save yourself from stress similarly as from bothersome trackers and ads;

ii. You have to end up being progressively productive from having a snappier web;

iii. You need the decision to profit by your very own online activities;

Honeypod is so little it can fit in the palm of your hand!


The honeypot is a security part set to perceive, occupy, and kill attempts at unapproved get to.
Watch this short explainer video underneath that dive into the issue the gathering is comprehending with the Honeypod arrange adventure, focusing more on how it is being done and why you should join what it is that the partners are working for the headway of the natural network free to move around at will. Value Viewing!


Immediately discussed underneath are the striking spotlights on why this new stage, Honeypod is a blockchain based:

a. Trust, a part of blockchain mastermind is the most expensive product which every customer can by and large hop on the Honeypod organize.

b. Decentralized: On the Honeypod arrange, Brilliant Contracts and Network declaration gives trust at zero cost.

c. On Honeypod, clear data gets the opportunity to control by both customer and dealer is instantly made open hence altering sparks for Stage and Clients.

d. Tokenization changes the inspiration between the stage and customers and advances strong improvement of the system, Honeypod.

THE Special Highlights OF HONEYPOD

Discussed underneath are a bit of the staggering features that develop this endeavor, Honeypod among others.


  1. CRYPTO EARNING Through the utilization of Honeypod, all clients get digital currency tokens in a structure similar to mining dependent on the measure of utilization of their Honeypod. Through limited time accomplices associated with Honeypod, clients will likewise get tokens.

  2. Promotion BLOCKING Unfortunately advertisements are ending up increasingly more constrained upon the web client to the point of getting to be spam causing serious data transmission use, long page load times, and perilous malware assaulting client gadgets.

  3. TRACKER BLOCKING Tracking administrations frequently piggyback off of genuine administrations constraining the web client to unconsciously reveal delicate individual data that the web client would not have generally unreservedly given. This individual data is then regularly sold to different administrations and organizations.

  4. Validation Honeypod can be used as a verification framework to both get tokens and buy online administrations utilizing digital currency. There will never again be a need to haul out your wallet each time you have to buy an administration, yet rather Honeypod is your authenticator associated with your wallet or personality.

  5. Quicker INTERNET SPEEDS Tracking frameworks, ads, and undesirable outsider administrations make web slack, increment a site's heap times, and by and large significantly increment the measure of data transfer capacity required to utilize the web. Honeypod expels these "detours" accelerating your network access and sparing your data transfer capacity by up to 40%.

  6. Basic SETUP Honeypod is worked to be a completely plug&play equipment framework. Regardless of whether you are a tenderfoot or a specialist in innovation, Honeypod is planned to be oversimplified giving you to such an extent or as meager arrangement as you are alright with. Straightforward, simple, prepared to utilize.

  7. VPN INTEGRATION For those that desire to have total security and secrecy of their web association and information bundles, Honeypod is completely coordinated with OpenVPN and DNSCrypt through the Honeypod dashboard.

  8. FULL DATA MONITORING Complete observing access of all information demands and outsiders that endeavor to get to your gadget enabling you to have a constant understanding into who is blocked, how often they have attempted to get to you, and on which gadget.

  9. SECURITY THROUGH BLOCKCHAIN Utilizing a Byzantine agreement calculation, your information, and installment exchanges are secure and affirmed averting man-in-the-center assaults, data fraud, charge card robbery, and loss of private data.


• The HNY tokens can be utilized as a reward. Accomplices or clients who shops online can get the HNY Token as a reward by shopping at select retailers and accomplice possessed sites.

• The HNY Token can likewise be utilized as a motivation. Notice organize that accomplices with honeypod pay a receipt through the Honeypod LLC's framework that thusly buys tokens available to share to singular clients.

• HNY Token can be utilized to exchange with different digital forms of money and can be utilized by clients to buy merchandise and enterprises inside the honeypod environment.

• Since the HNY Token is worked using Byzantine Fault Tolerance calculation and agreement hubs, Honeypod will most likely confirm and securities exchanges.

• The HNY is a utility token that can similarly be utilized to make online by utilizing a computerized wallet.

• The HNY Token can likewise fill in as a good representative for clients. The token can be utilized in the advertisement's conveyance framework.

• Clients will probably screen their association continuously and dispensing with the enormous loss of cryptographic money from digital dangers.

• The HNY Token can likewise be utilized by clients to advance other honeypod administrations.

• The HNY Token can likewise be utilized to access and buy into honeypod premium administrations.

The aficionados of HoneyPod will be compensated by accepting cryptographic money in an idea like crypto-mining essentially by utilizing HoneyPod. Clients will be compensated by permitting advertisements of their decision while associated with Honeypod, by doing this client likewise will get tokens for their activities.

Clients of Honeypod will never need to stress over unsettling influence and impedance from the site they would prefer not to visit. They will get to the web in a safe and better way. Without stressing over phishing connections, promotions, and vindictive substance, HoneyPod is making a more secure and increasingly secure condition for web clients.


Details of ICO;

The undertaking is a decentralized system where pernicious programming, sites, and other outsiders will be blocked. You are utilizing HNY tokens to exchange on this stage and purchase items. The ICO cost will at first be allotted to 1 billion tokens of US $ 0.05 per 1 HNY. In the meantime, there will be a few deals stages where the expense of tokens will diminish altogether because of the limits offered and different advancements. The end date of offers isn't known on the grounds that deals will end following gathering a hard cap of US $ 10 million.


You can use the links below to get more detailed information about the project.

Website: http://honeypod.org

Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

Bitcointalk username: Cryptomindset

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