Honeypod: Protecting internet security

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Hi Friends, In this article, I will discuss Honeypod venture which is uncovered to reach to web which is a standout amongst the most vital and most mainstream specialized instruments within recent memory.

75% of sites today have outsider or ad based following framework introduced intentionally to screen client action. Google and facebook, for instance, develop nitty gritty profiles on indivudials as they move around the web, doling out clients one of a kind identifiers so they can be perceived again after some time paying little mind to where they are on the web like a unique mark character that is doled out to you. Not of just what look, see, read, and buy, yet in addition your area, times, dates, exceptionally explicit PC gear data, and who your are related with.
About HoneyPod;
The projects name is HoneyPod. You can utilize http://honeypod.org/for sites. Its primary errand is to guarantee that our gadgets are safely associated with the web.

The adaptability of this task is that Honeypod is a little gadget that interfaces with our home switch and self-checks all the data stream, sift through noxious applications, different infection information, spam advertisements, and different irritations that may unfavorably influence. Along these lines, Honeypod screens the associations of all gadgets associated with the system in a protected way, and furthermore quickens the correspondence procedures and builds the information exchange rate no less than twice.
How Honeypod Works?

The essential purpose of Honeypod's working rule is that it fills in as a sort of DNS server to coordinate the stream of information bundles over the web association. At the point when the gadget is associated with a site, it is checked whether Honeypod is permitted to alter.

There is a major contrast among Honeypod and other such administrations. Honeypod stops the conventions totally before achieving the web; in any case, different administrations will avert seeing in the program after the procedure is finished.

Likewise, different administrations must be introduced on PC programming to work. The honeypot depends on the fitting and-play standard and does not require such programming establishment.

Introducing HoneyPod and It's Solution

HONEYPOD is putting forth a one of a kind arrangement that is blockchain quick, secure, private and worldwide through its gadget. It is a gear unit that can be associated explicitly to our web gadgets. The Honeypod Device is versatile and simple to move going to the degree that it fits the palm of your hand. The gadget is likewise easy to utilize and advantageous.

HONEYPOD controls the security of your gadgets just as controls the security of everything being associated with it. It has a decent UI interface that shows information from interlopers trying to get to your PC or cell phone. So it cautions you to the all inclusive community who are endeavoring to get your information and furthermore the interloper data to you.

HONEYPOD normally rejects pernicious, risky, unfortunate substance from web clients. Subsequently, HoneyPod offers high web speed in light of the way that there will be no information that is pointless for us in our information stream.

It is expected to fit all gadgets. Surely, even the people who don't have any PC experience can without quite a bit of a trouble use it. Having an other mining framework, HONEYPOD offers clients the opportunity to get a benefit through the substance they to allow.

Another significant significance of Honeypod is the way that it makes a more secure, verifies and straightforward web condition. Likewise by remunerating clients for the Content, they permit give the client Control over their information on the web.

THE Special Highlights OF HONEYPOD

Discussed underneath are a bit of the dazzling features that rise this endeavor, Honeypod among others:

  1. STOP TRACKERS: Honeypod squares unwanted segments and unfortunate untouchable correspondences before they even enter your device. Honeypod fuses a normally creating "blacklist" while engaging the ability to direct access exclusively.

  2. Faster Web: Following systems, notices, and bothersome pariah organizations make web slack extending a website's load times. Honeypod clears these makeshift routes quickening your system get to and saving your information exchange limit by up to 40%.

  3. Wears down ANY Gadget: Honeypod tackles each web related device from your mobile phone to your keen TV. You can use only a solitary Honeypod for most of the contraptions in your home.

  4. CRYPTO Procuring: Using Honeypod, all customers get digital money tokens in a structure like mining reliant on the proportion of use of their Honeypod. Through the uncommon accessories related with Honeypod, customers will moreover get tokens.

  5. Essential SETUP: Honeypod is attempted to be a finished connection and play gear system. This infers whether you are an amateur or a pro in advancement, Honeypod is intended to be distorted offering you to such a degree or as pitiful game plan as you approve of. It is Straightforward, Simple, Prepared to Utilize.

  6. Commercial BLOCKING: Sadly advancements are twisting up progressively increasingly compelled upon the web customer to the point of getting the opportunity to be spam causing heightened information exchange limit usage, long page load times, and hazardous malware striking customer devices. Honeypod will discard commercials most especially the bothersome ones for you.
    The need and usage of HNY tokens fall into different verticals inside the Honeypod organic network. From security to trade to advancement, the HNY tokens of have many key functionalities and purposes.


By definition, guide is a game plan or method proposed to achieve a particular goal. At the end of the day, the HoneyPod Guide is all around requested strategies by which the mission of the endeavor is to be totally cultivated.

Highlights of Honeypod

Security: Basically Honeypod's primary use is protection and information security. Utilizing calculations and different innovations, Honeypod is utilized to check that the association is secure.

Exchange: Honeypod chips away at different organizations to empower it to be utilized as a protected installment technique and digital money which can be utilized day by day just as web security.

Secure Wallet: Because Honeypod inside peruses and classifies all information on the Internet association, it shields all associations from outer digital dangers continuously. This guarantees the sheltered security of digital currencies.

To Know More About HoneyPod Visit The Following Links
Website : https://honeypod.org
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101474.msg49392175#msg49392175
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod
Telegram : https://t.me/honeypod

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