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Hello everybody, If you're fascinated by the ICO Project, it is a smart plan to browse my article as a result of i will be able to introduce the TEMCO Project and to search out out the advantages of the TEMCO Project, the subsequent is that the explanation:

What is TEMCO?

TEMCO is an inventory network stage, which associates segregated store network stages. It offers constant information administrations by means of their business insight device and a purchaser application. With the assistance of the RSK blockchain, they enable organizations to work all the more proficiently.

One of their objectives is to help oversee nourishment security at the administration level including the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Food and Drug Administration.

(More about RSK : RSK is the main open-source savvy contract stage with a 2-path peg to Bitcoin that likewise remunerates the Bitcoin excavators through consolidation mining, enabling them to effectively take an interest in the Smart Contract insurgency. RSK objective is to add esteem and usefulness to the Bitcoin biological community by empowering savvy contracts, close moment installments and higher-versatility.)

Temco need to rebrand the supply network ecosystem community running from the producer to wholesalers and the last shoppers. This will help the merchant rapidly find a maker, while the purchasers also can without much of a stretch find a wholesaler and complete a trade in a tokenize route through a keen contract.

Temco is an exceptionally encouraging undertaking since it cooperate with other best association like RootStock

(sidechain of bitcoin) and another best Asian firm Korea Investment Partners (top Korea adventure association) putting into Temco.


TEMCO consolidates creative technologies — smart contracts, blockchain, and enormous information. Information is transferred to blockchain utilizing savvy contracts and afterward moved to enormous information. This plan empowers organizations to expand the utilization of profitable data.


The conventional store network has a few rears and imperfections which is making the entire framework look colossal. Shoppers can barely recognize the source or time when they pollute infection from the specific nourishment they devour in light of the fact that the production network process has no measure. The way toward getting nourishment into your store is extremely over the top while individuals spend enthusiastically on the grounds that the production network isn't determined to shoddy path. There is no direction to stamp the adequacy and genuine of a specific production network; even the administration or some association spend heedlessly on setting up a standard store network yet their result isn't effective.Due to the expense of setting up natural pecking order supply, most normal individuals couldn't manage the cost of the value to set up one, consequently leaving just the rich individuals at the diversion. There are numerous association including in the administration of inventory network yet there is no database or system that could interface them to impart thoughts to one another.


The team of this extraordinary venture as observed the imperfections in inventory network the board and clear up that the blockchain innovation is the responses to those different test since it has highlights and advantages which disturb the conventional store network framework to a way that everything will be done in a decentralize and more straightforwardness way.

Temco will make a ecosystem community that consolidate all store network the executives beginning from the assembling point to the last purchasers in a single framework. Inside the Temco biological system, all the body engaged with inventory network will have the capacity to find any sort of merchandise at a less demanding path with no much pressure.


The stage has presented their utility token named 'TEMCO'. This token will be utilized on the stage for installment, obtaining and some other sort of trade on Temco stage. The TEMCO token will be additionally used to compensate individuals that add to this stage


Ticker: TEMCO
Platform: Rootstock
Token Type: Utility Token
Token Supply: 6 billion TEMCO
Soft Cap: 5 USD million
Hard Cap: 19 USD million
Equivalent: 1 TEMCO= 0.006333 USD
Accepted Payments: ETH, BTC


Website: https://temco.io

Whitepaper: https://temco.io/templates/fast_fact_one_page_en.pdf

Medium: https://medium.com/temcolabs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/temcolabs

Telegram: https://t.me/temcolabs

Bitcointalk URL https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2313714
ETHER ADDRESS; 0xEe37122340b4fC9c37896f32c5a2e5A63a843036

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