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DigiByte or DGB is a cryptocurrency which didn't appeal to me much in starting, when I first came know about it. As it's just another cryptocurrency with the value transfer solution quite similar use case to bitcoin and many others the only difference I could find at first was their claim to be using the technology behind nuclear for security and secondly seems a bit faster than bitcoin blockchain.

DigiByte Team, however, is quite strong in developments and marketing. A few days back I came to know about their recent launch Digi-ID. I try to do some research, as it seems quite interesting to me what I found about Digi-ID made me interested in this coin.

What is DigiByte

DigiByte is around for quite a while now. They have focused on build a faster secure blockchain in terms of value transfer. DigiByte's major motive seemed to me becoming and replacing bitcoin (which is of course not possible for many reasons) one of the major reasons I decided to stay away from this coin.

They claim to be 40 times faster than bitcoin and while making some transactions. I would say it's not entirely a false statement. According to their whitepaper DGB is based on nuclear technology for their blockchain to make it most secure and faster.

What is Digi-ID

Digi-ID is something that came to light recently. It's technically a new way to login to websites by using QR Codes instead of using username passwords. We have been looking for a way quite some time for the same.

There are many problems with our usual way of using websites with username/email and password. First of all, it's quite hard for anyone to remember their user/pwd for every website they visit (happen to me all the time). Secondly, it's not a secure way. Sure, there is an option these days where you can set up 2FA via Microsoft or Google authenticator app but that's just another layer of security. Sniffers can still come to know your credentials.

By using QR codes to login to a website eliminates the possibilities of losing your credentials as well as you just have to use one single app to log in to various websites.

For clear understanding, please watch this video:

This undoubtedly seems quite impressive where you are able to login to websites by using blockchain technology. We surely don't know when and how this solution gets implemented and to what sort of websites but DigiByte team has clearly come up with something to let us know that they think about real-life use cases when it comes to blockchain.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, what you guys this of this new Digi-ID solution and would you be interested in DigiByte especially after this update?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, everything I've mentioned above is my own opinion and should not be considered as financial advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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With all these positive comments will it be safe to buy this coin then..??

@trillex There's nothing safe as such in crypto space, at least for now (in my opinion). We all are just betting on technologies that can actually be used in real life soon enough.

Lool, I do see your point! Thanks

I've found digibyte to be the most profitable coin for me to mine on average over the past year first with X11, currently with Qubit using a Baikal miner.

@bluehorseshoe I really appreciate you for sharing your experience with us. Every opinion matters. :)

You are very kind, thank you.

That is great update cryptocurrency news
Thanks for sharing so amazing writing

Thanks My dear friends I am happy

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Great news, I like DGB, it provides really fast and low-cost transactions.

@andhovesyan Thank you, I agree it's quite fast and low-cost in transactions.

this one has a long proven history to, not to be overlooked

@crypto3em3 I agree, DGB is around us from past 4-5 years.

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Using QR code for login is something new to the crypo market. If they can be successful to implement it, they will have some good vibes. Saving passwords of crypto becoming really annoying.

@shuvomahfuz It's not just for crypto but can be implemented with any website.

wow that's sounds great.

you are like my crypto news channel, @bunnychum ! Thank you for your information sharing :)

@nehab lolzz... I am quite passionate about blockchain technology... :)

😁😁 And I am a Blockchain illiterate ! 😁
I need to go to a Blockchain School !
You have a good passion 😊

great cryptocurrency news. wonderful writing. thanks for @bunnychum

I Dont Know alot about Cryptocurrency With every of Your post I get Alot of information about Cryptocurrency

Very nice post sir,also good news for stemians for fast and easy transaction...thank you for sharing us ur news...

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