Golem (GNT) | Decentralized Super Computer | Brass Mainnet Released

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Golem is one of the early projects build upon Ethereum's smart contract platform. Although golem project is very promising to me and it's early-stage investors but a lot of investors were quite frustrated because of no further updates. Finally, golem has just released their mainnet in beta version on 10th April 2018 by the name Brass.

What is Golem?

Golem is based upon decentralized computing system which enables it to become a worldwide supercomputer which is accessible to anyone who requires.

If you are familiar with Storj or Sia both are based upon decentralized storage system which is connected peer-to-peer. Golem is using blockchain smart contracts for computational power in their case. Which means, just like mining you can rent out or share your computers processing speed on the network to earn a passive income.

Use Cases for Golem

Golem network can be used in many cases from data research to animation and even gaming. There are many tasks in various industries we know that requires high computational power which generates the option to buy a powerful hardware. With golem network, users can buy the processing speed they require by paying to individuals who are sharing it on the network.

Golem Token Status

Golem is currently trading at $0.61 and sitting at rank 48 in coinmarketcap. Token specifications as below:

Trigger: GNT
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Circulating Supply: 834 Million
Token Algo: ERC20
Official Website: https://golem.network

My Views

I have been noticing golem since last year. It is a promising project and an amazing concept. From the trading point of view, golem does have great potential once it starts getting real-life use cases which I believe can happen sooner than we think.

I would love to read your thoughts on golem network, do you guys hold it? or what is your opinion on their blockchain solution?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, everything I've mentioned above is my own opinion and should not be considered as financial advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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Very good job sir,
Today, technology makes possible many impossible things through. Every aspect of our life has technological support.

It is going to happen sooner or later, I believe @raselkhan566

yes. I hope technologies will show more good side

really a great post
by dint of its decentralized supercomputer,,i appreciated this great token '
i see a great future of golem token
no doubt its a great review of tken analysis of golem ,

it can perform computing power of every machine on its network
.we can loan out your computer’s spare resources no doubt..

All of Your post Are very Informative we get alot of information from your post

Amazing Article Bunny :D

Yes great article. One thing to note. You need windows 10 to become part of the blockchain supercomputer.

They already have windows version to download :) @crollo3

What are your opinions on Storj? I know that they are very different but which do you feel will have a higher yield in short term? The short term being 10 months. I'm thinking of converting. You seem to know your Cryptos please share some opinions on my post here: https://steemit.com/altcoin/@dylan607/how-to-find-a-good-and-profitable-ico

@dylan607 Stroj seems to have a bright future but SiaCoin is far superior in many aspects as well. But when you are looking at two similar technologies. Stroj is user-friendly and SiaCoin is a bit complicated to understand at this point. that doesn't mean which is going to over take another. space is enough for both of them to grow.

@bunnychum Storj as far as I know is more expensive but pays the Hosters more and SiaCoin is the opposite, paying the hosters less but offer cheaper prices! Which do you think is better needed? But yes they will both grow.

Yes Golem is proving its worth and people who got in early are so excited about its growth. Lovely presentation @bunnychum

golem project is a good project. wonderful writing. thanks for @bunnychum

@bunnychum Great post, it is a good project!

Very informative post thanks for sharing .

technology releted post,,good writing,go ahed

Great article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Supercomputer blockchain technology is terrific ....good project and funtastic future

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Golem is indeed one of the "Decentralized Supercomputers" project with a great potential.

The best part is, they already launched the mainnet.

I have been using it, and despite a couple of things that needs to be fixed, and tweaked, it's working wonderfully.

It is based on a reputation system, that is on the works, but after a couple of time with the Node online, you start receiving constant tasks to process.

The rewards are also payed as soon as the task is processed.

One thing that they need to tweak asap , is the possibility to use a SSD other than the one where you have the OS installed for the Docker. Many ppl nowadays possess a small SSD just for the OS, and a couple others in order to store whatever they need. The more tasks you have, the more space it will require.

For now, the computing is only done by CPU, but they are working on GPU to be released soon . :)

Have a good day.

I heard about Golem before and apparently Disney is/was using that crypto to process their data. That's what Ive read somewhere. I wonder if it's true.

Great and easy read.

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