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There are many ICOs and Blockchain Technologies evolving to provide us the better future with real-life use cases and it quite a fact that these technologies need adoption in the real world to sustain.

What is INS EcoSystem?

There are companies and projects getting built to ensure proper use cases. However, INS EcoSystem is completely different, in my opinion, as they are trying to build a solution for the most basic need of humankind, Groceries.

The primary motive of INS is to connect manufacturers and consumers on a single platform, removing the middleman required, in the retail business. To elaborate INS EcoSystem in easy words, It's a blockchain based supermarket with smart contracts.

How it Works?

According to their whitepaper, INS EcoSystem is on the edge of creating a platform where manufacturers will be able to list their items directly at the desired price for consumers. This will enable brands to provide their products at a discounted price as there will be no retail or middleman for profit cuttings. In short major benefits to manufacturers will be Full control of product pricing and listing, Marketing & promotion directly to consumers, Fast and detailed customer feedback

Consumers will have the option to pay for their groceries in Fiat as well as cryptocurrencies, which for now is limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum & INS Tokens. Apart from that their platform is also designed to provide additional benefits to consumers in shape of referral rewards, promotions, loyalty program as well as feedback rewards. Major benefits for consumers will be High-quality groceries cheaper than in stores, Groceries bought online easily and conveniently and Unlimited access to suppliers of choice.

For better clarity, they also provide a demo of their consumer front end in beta version. I would highly recommend you guys to check out their demo at

INS EcoSystem Partnerships

According to their website, INS EcoSystem has already made partnerships with various blockchain technologies to support them in their endeavors such as Ambrosus, Civic, Bancor, Wings, and Blockchain Ventures.

They have also announced a partnership with PostNL (leading e-commerce logistics provider in the Netherlands) recently for their deliveries. It wouldn't be a surprise for anyone if we see more logistics partnership coming towards INS from different countries in near future.

Brands Interested in INS Platform

Since their platform is based on supplying groceries, they already have 100+ brands interested in listing their products on the platform which includes International Brands like Vanish, Veet, Dettol, Durex, AirWick etc. Some of the brands mentioned on their website:

INS Official Wallet Release

As promised in their roadmap, INS has released their official wallet which will be available worldwide from 29 June onwards. to read more about their wallet and recent update announcement, I highly recommend watching their official video below:

INS Roadmap

According to their website, INS is all set to roll out their platform by end of this year and by next year they would be focusing on global expansion. A glance at their roadmap:

INS Token Specifications

Name: INS EcoSystem
Trigger: INS
Token Support: ERC20 Token
Total Supply: 50 million
Token Distributed in ICO: 60%
Team (subject to vesting & lockup): 15%
Advisors, Early Supports & Bounty: 5%
Reserve Fund: 20%
Official Website:
Current Token Price: $1.01 (at the time of this post)

ICO Performance in 2017

It is also worth mentioning that INS, ICO was a great success. They launched their ICO in December 2017 and they not only reached their soft cap goal of 20,000 ETH in the very first hour but also reached 50% of their hard cap (60,000 ETH) on the very first day.

However, their ICO is already over but you can still buy INS on various exchanges like Binance, OKEx, Liqui, KuCoin as well as Cobinhood.

My Views

There are many companies around the world, selling groceries online where consumers can buy products at the same price as a retail store. According to surveys groceries has a huge $300bn market as of today worldwide which is expected to reach $8.5 trillion by 2020.

Since Blockchain's major purpose is to remove the middleman and connect buyers and sellers directly using peer-to-peer technology. I personally see this concept coming out with flying colors in near future. Especially, when we don't see any other blockchain technology working on a similar solution.

In my opinion, consumers buying online groceries from various apps or websites are easy to get targeted when they will be getting the same products, at a lower price value, but this is just a start of bringing more consumers to buy their groceries with INS platform as there are options to make purchases using fiat as well.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above is based on my own research and opinion, should not be considered as investment advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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great post @bunnychum

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This project seem to be very promissing and I hope they will be able to deliver. I also wonder if there wont be any more damaging regulations which could potentially affect this project.

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Thank you @crypto.piotr for your appreciation... Also all the very best for your new venture...

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@bunnychum, very nice articles, I think INS Ecosystem, is a great idea this will decenterlize and everyone have the access to the data., what do you think Sir, vote, comments

Major upper hand INS has in this that they are accepting Fiat currency as well. which means the countries that don't allow cryptos to be a mode of the transaction may also come on board.

decentralized doesn't actually mean that everyone can see the data clearly. it's a method to secure the system from hackers, downtimes and even loading speed. I would highly recommend to download any coins blockchain and try to see what kind of data you get on your computer... @milanm

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Very informative article. Decentralized solution or blockchain already used for shipping companies earlier. This article shows the potential of blockchain for FMCG

#bunnychum Is the crypto currency based only on Blockchen. If yes then what should be the method of investment in it??

@masteronsteemit Didn't understand your question quite well... but i think you are asking how to invest i in INS, it's available on various exchanges but i always recommend Binance.

I will invest on ins through binance.

@bunnychum Definitely INS Ecosystem has the potential to change the supermarket with their decentralized approach, Looking forward for their implementation in real time:)

Very powerful advice, I like it

@bunnychum Gear resources can be bought easily and easily wow very nice projects


Seems like soon everything will be on blockchain. Don't know how much secure this be as this will decenterlize and everyone have the access to the data.

Everyone having access to data doesn't actually mean a threat to security. in fact, data is always encrypted form... distributed data gives you surety that there is no center point of attack.

INS Ecosystem (INS) during ico it was gain a bit popularity but after that faded. Total supply only 50m . Good for mid term trading.

A blockchain based supermarket with 50 millions coin. Really good and awesome project theme. Hope for the best.

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Good Article dear.. I Really like it

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Wow @bunnychum I knew almost nothing about this, thank you so much for this article - I am definitely going to research this further!

@bunnychum great information, i believe #INS is a great project for #FMCG industry i believe this project will boom this year

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@bunnychum now days blockchain technology use in many sectors. Blockchain technogy have potential for transfrable system. Hope blockchain technology allow in india..what you say?

FMCG is huge market and very diverse. Bringing a decentralized aspect to it sure makes things interesting. Look forward to more updates

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INS is so potential token. It will go so far.

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