NOIA Network - Speeding up the Internet via Blockchain | ICO Review

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Blockchain technologies are not only going to change the way of our traditional businesses but the way we access the internet as well. There are many projects working on to make internet decentralized and secure. We have witnessed various projects for domain names, decentralized storage systems etc.

NOIA Network is working for the same intention with a different perspective by bringing CDN network on blockchain technology.

What is CDN Network?

When you visit a website, watch a video, download something. Your computer is connected to a server, holding the content you want to access. This not only puts a lot of stress on the respective server but also makes the impact on loading speeds depending upon geographical location. For example, if you are in Aisa, watching a video on a website having the server in the United States, The loading speed would be slower for you than the person watching the same video in the United States itself or Canada.

Content Distribution Network (CDN) distributes the static content of a website such as Images, Videos, and audios to different servers in different geographical locations. This method makes users connect or access the content faster without putting extra load and reduces downtimes. Apart from that, CDN networks provide an extra layer of security to websites' data.

What is NOIA Network?

There are few CDN networks available such as Amazon, Mircosoft Azure, Cloud Flare etc. These networks have different servers around the world to establish a CDN network and distribute content around the globe.

NOIA is a CDN Network solution, based on blockchain technology. Instead of placing company-owned servers in limited geographical locations, NOIA is creating a network to distribute content on local machines by utilizing bandwidth & un-used hard drive space. which makes it cheaper, more reliable and faster than any other CDN network that exists today. for better understanding, I would highly recommend watching their official video below.

How it works?

NOIA is based on making personal computers into CDN Nodes by enabling users to download a software for providing space on their local machine and to keep connected with their network. Space would be utilized to store the content of various websites in encrypted form to make the network access faster.

By connecting hundreds and thousands of personal computers to behave as a single network for content distribution would certainly make NOIA as the first preference for any website owner to switch their CDN needs to NOIA.

Make your Internet Pay for itself

Since, NOIA is based upon peer-to-peer CDN network. Users who are interested to rent out their unused hard disk space and bandwidth can become a node by downloading a software from their official website. Users will be rewarded with NOIA tokens for their sharings on the network.

Testnet is already live
NOIA already have their technology in testnet and accepting 2000 people to become a testnet node since June 5th, 2018 by visiting They will be rewarded with 200 NOIA tokens to each node per week for joining and helping the network.

NOIA Network Roadmap

According to their roadmap, NOIA Network is right on schedule as they have launched their testnet / proof of technology as promised in 2018 Q1.

NOIA Edge - Hardware to support network

Other than providing a software for the personal computers to become a node, NOIA is also coming up with a hardware solution to get it connected with existing routers, for users who are interested to become a stable node without keeping the personal computers on all the time.

This solution would not only make users to earn NOIA in a more efficient way but would also help in making the network strong.

Token Specifications & ICO Details

Name: NOIA Network
Trigger: NOIA
Token Support: ERC223 Token
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Token Distribution in ICO: 45%
Team (2.5 year vesting): 20%
Community (Early adapters strategic partners, user incentives): 10%
Reserve (for future financing): 25%
Official Website:
Token Price in ICO: $0.056

Participation in NOIA Network token sale will start on July 16th - 14:00 UTC.

It is also worth mentioning that they have already raised 8 Million USD in private investments

My Views

Almost every good website is using CDN networks to deliver their content to users with the faster speed as well as the extra layer of security. Currently available networks are centralized with the limited amount of servers and resources. NOIA by bringing CDN network on blockchain would get an upper hand as it's based on delivering content via peer-to-peer network.

Enabling users to earn NOIA tokens for providing unused space and bandwidth to the network creates a higher possibility for joining hundreds and thousands of nodes/servers. Which would definitely make NOIA network more efficient, faster, cost-efficient and more secure compare to the solutions, exist today.

In my opinion, this would create a win-win situation for website owners to get a more reliable network for content distribution, Users to get faster access without downtime from their favorite website and of course, nodes, people who will be running NOIA node software on their machines to earn tokens.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above is based on my own research and opinion, should not be considered as investment advice. I encourage everyone to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency or ICO

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Looks great! Thanks for the heads up!!

hey, thanks for posting this! it's strange that I haven't seen this project yet, but I love their concept. after reading a one-pager on their website I am definitely following them.

@ranahussnainali, thank you for appreciation, I do believe in this project. Infact, i wasn't able to find any other project working on CDN

Nice work and initiative this is another revolution

Strong beleiver of blockchain technology. By year 2020 even from needle to aeroplane everything will be on blockchain. [email protected]

@text2crypto I am also very enthusiastic about blockchain technologies. :)

một sáng tạo tuyệt vời, mở ra bước ngoặt mới ho công nghệ, tôi sẽ theo dõi nó, nhất định sẽ phổ biến trong tương lai

Cảm ơn bạn đã bình luận có giá trị của bạn @thanhnam :)

bunnychum how much speed internet via? Can you telling me in this network

@engineersattar This network doesn't provide the internet speed as you think like ISPs (Internet Service Providers), In fact, CDN networks are there to help increase the speed of the website by caching static data like photos, videos, audios etc. on different servers geographically.

For example, youtube, Netflix, facebook, amazon almost every website that you visit is using CDN technology to make their data accessible with higher speeds at every location around the globe.

The problem is every CDN network today is completely centralized and have a limited amount of resources, with NOIA bringing CDN on blockchain will enable home computers to become a CDN server resulting, a higher number of servers/nodes with lower the cost and higher the speed.

Ok...thanks for telling me
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Thank you for giving this amazing information about new cryptocurrency. NOIA is looking very nice project. Got so much infos through your articles.

Excellent post and full information, the truth is that this project has a lot to prove and is for a lot. It could be another revolution, I will follow them to be on top.Greetings from South America

@adrianav I do agree with your thought that they have a lot to prove yet. It's good to keep an eye on their project. since I wasn't able to find any other project working for CDN.

Thank you for your valuable comment.

ico looks good and good info.. will sure looking forwad to it

Thanks for this video! will you please take a review of SCIDEX.

I haven't get the chance to read about it yet. but thank you for pointing it up. would definitely do some research on SCIDEX and update you :) @swati2260

helpful info as always :)

NOIA is a very promising ICO with a strong premise and strong technical team that solves a real problem. There are some risks to this one, but overall this is the kind of ICO we like to highlight – a solid project that focuses on building a good foundation instead of putting 90% of its efforts into marketing and 10% into development.

I agree with you @zomboy, we need to filter out the potential ICOs, since there is a flood of ICOs, coming with different projects most of which are not ethical.

Nice topic .. Thank you very much

very good blog you are article .And also good search and very good effort.

I love what I see ,,, this is very good ,,, I just hope that all this will happen, and thank you very much for such good information.

This news is very important for ICU cryptoCurrency.

so basically it will increase the website speed or internet speed or blockchain speed??

It's a background technology for websites to distribute content faster. For example, if youtube is using CDN, you'll not come to know while using but can experience the speed. to answer your question in a specific term, it will increase website speed for user experience. @raja29

@bunnychum What is NOIA network? Can you explain it?

@sumonfbd, whole post is about explaining NOIA Network. please let me know if you have any questions or parts you didn't understand my friend. :)

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Well, it doesn't pay. My kyc is pending for almost 3 weeks now. I'm using their lastest software 0.6.2, set/checked all the port numbers are correct but I'm still getting nothing. I think it's a waste of time :(
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Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece, really enjoyed reading through. Thanks again

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Nice review. Just like BANDZ network but in this case, using Content Distribution Network. I think I should have a review for myself on NOIA.

thanks, @karam03, apologies for late reply, not well these days... :)

Good news for blockchain community

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