aQuest Token Review: Unique Decentralized Application + Complete a Task and get paid

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There are various methods for profiting through blockchain; diverse ventures are putting forth unique methods; for example, trades offer a stage where you can exchange and make benefit. Imagine a scenario in which you don't see how to exchange on (trades are exceptionally perplexing), don't stress you can at present profit on blockchain because of aQuest, which gives a decentralized environment where you get paid for finishing certain undertakings.


#aQuest will be effectively open through a versatile application, and the undertaking is basic and fun. These assignments are for the most part computerized, for example, online study, Facebook preferences and airdrop.

#aQuest has a planned advertising effort that centers around compensating clients who have completed the assignment. Installment would be made toward the finish of each journey.


How Companies Can Benefit

The aQuest is something beyond a spot where members can total errand for remunerations; it is additionally a stage for organizations to accumulate critical data on their clients just as lift their image acknowledgment. Here's the means by which it works, as an organization, you will probably make journeys and offer prizes to individuals willing to finish the undertaking. On the off chance that you need to complete out a market study on your clients, you will dependably discover individuals who are prepared to deal with the assignment.

Highlights of aQuest


Absence of security is one of the serious issues confronting the blockchain business, aQuest is putting forth a progressively secure arrangement, the stage is based on the Enkronos Apps stack, and utilizes savvy contracts to direct investment in the ERC-20 journeys.


This is one component that makes blockchain one of a kind, with aQuest, support will be made simple. No unpredictable enrollment techniques, no KYC, and no kind of confinements, as long as you have a cell phone, you can be a piece of the stage from wherever you are on the planet.

**Different Task:**

As an organization, you will most likely set diverse sorts of undertaking to suit your necessities, and as a client, there are different errands for you to look over, it could be to take a study, abundance task, watching includes, enjoys on Facebook, marking in ERC-20 token, and establishment of applications.

For the present, team work with their in-house token AQU, ENK is likewise acknowledged, however later on, aQuest will offer an assortment of installment strategies like PayPal, Credit cards and different cryptographic forms of money.

Token Distribution

ICO Details

Pre ICO: 24 January 2019 - 21 February 2019 (finished)

ICO: 25 February 2019 - 9 April 2019 (two days left)

Token Name: AQU

Token Type: Utility

Pre ICO Price: 1 AQU = 0.003 ETH

Current Price: 1 AQU = 0.006 ETH

Reward and Bounty: Available

MVP/Prototype: Available

Stage: Ethereum

Tolerating: ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat

Least speculation: 0.1 ETH

Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 39,000,000 USD

Nation of Origin: Slovenia

Whitelist/KYC: None

Confined regions: None

Token Information

The in-house token is likewise called AQU; it is an utility token utilized for installments on the aQuest stage. Changing from AQU to ENK tokens (the utility token utilized on Enkronos Apps) will be completed effectively. ENK, is getting down to business connected at the hip with AQU on the stage.

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