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Are you a digital currency aficionado? Or on the other hand you know about the Blockchain innovation world, either ways you should have learnt or heard some things about ICO (innitial coin offering) as well as STO (security token offering). The two are entrancing manners by which venture developments looked for cash to back their stage to progress. Yet, there are a few wrecked ICOs or STOs because of inappropriate plannings, poor association and fundamentally poor group financing setup which offers difficulty to ventures.


So more or less, I need to educate us that as a task designer, you need not to stress over setting up your stage for icos or stos, I acquaint with us #NOKU, The most exceptional and robotized approach to kick begin your activities monetarily.


What is NOKU?

#Noku is a multi purpose Blockchain stage; it is multi functional since it incorporates a trade framework, since it encourages you to compose your crowdfunding too either icos or stos. So on the off chance that you need to have an ico or sto program without the learning of coding or without a Blockchain designer; at that point NOKU is the Platform for you, it is made to flawlessly help you to accomplish your fantasies

The Noku Blockchain stage will empower all clients to successfully swap their tokens without going to trades, it swaps fiat too, and there is a token age occasion additionally that empowers you to make your token, mint them, consume them, structure or supply them.

NOKU TokenRaise

The Noku biological community empowers anybody to send their keen contract on the stage and dispatch their crowdfunding (icos and stos) in the most straightforward and least difficult way.

The token raise stage is extremely simple to use with an advantageous interface and high unwavering quality. What's more, more preferred standpoint is that the Noku stage is spending neighborly and fits superbly to every token detail and you get the opportunity to pick your sort of crowdfunding as well, either ico, stos.


Noku Swap

With the Noku swap fragment on the Noku biological community you get the opportunity to Convert your computerized monetary forms and Fiat Money reciprocally without No trade required.

The Noku stage empowers cryptographic money to fiat trade just as a fiat to digital currency transformation of a chose number of tokens, against Euros or Swiss Francs. The interesting viewpoint is that the swap happens in your wallet without you sending your tokens to an outside trade stage. On the off chance that you trade digital currency tokens to another cryptographic money tokens, the speed relies upon the Blockchain innovation included; with regards to fiat to fiat or fiat to digital currency, the tokens will be sent first before your financial balance is credited.

Noku swap will empower transformation of erc - 20 tokens to etherum and stable coins effectively.

To rather finish up, I urge every one of us to be a piece of this simple to utilize stage by utilizing their thoughts in our crowdfunding occasion; it has a working item and you can download their applications in the google play store just as in the Apple store below by tapping on your preferred choice




For further request, enlistment and trainings on the Noku across the board stage for crowdfunding and Blockchain information, do visit the connections underneath

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BountyOx : Ericks1


great writeup
another important part of this project that I admire is the #Noku wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is the fundermental apparatus required in Cryptocurrency, provided that you don't have a protected wallet to store your Crypto resources, at that point you can't claim crypto by any means, this is the reason the splendid personalities behind NOKU chose to make a safe and multi money wallet that would empower proprietors to store a great many tokens and coins over numerous blockchains while as yet being responsible for their private keys, the wallet is additionally made so that it's open over various stages (versatile wallet and web wallet) and it is synchronized over those stages.

I just came across your blog in my survey and I found your post so detailed but brief. I will like to give you an offer, contact me on email
[email protected]
Am definitely going to download their iOS version of the #Nooku wallet and try their Swap out

@fafali thanks for the gesture and I look forward to your feedback after interactions with their wallet app

Thank you @aaaaapity1 for your lovely comment, you won't regret having to be part of #Noku project

I'm so excited on seeing this post and you talking about #NokuSwap
It will be sad crypto and this present reality without giving the normal man the way to obtain crypto with fiat money, and this is the reason the swap include was added to the NOKU wallet, this empowers clients to swap tokens straightforwardly from the NOKU Wallet, to crown everything, not exclusively would they be able to swap tokens with Fiat, they can likewise swap tokens with each other right away, isn't this simply magnificent? Thanks for your review

Thanks for passing by, I will always bring to your your view projects with working product not just MVP

This was well written and spelt out,. Thank you for taking time to highlight out this great project
I have downloaded the android app from play store and expecting to enjoy all the features especially swap

Well written piece
But in your post you did not talk about the team, kindly elaborate on the team, for me to know the hands in which our funds will be fallen into

All information about the team can be traced here ➡
It's a crew of dedicated peeps that are so focused and have channeled their resources to the success of #Noku project
The pictorial view of the team is displayed 👇

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