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111.jpgIf you, my dear reader, aren't familiar with blockchain technology and security tokens and you do not share interest in these topics, then this post isn't for you ...



... however, I would still love to ask you to resteem it (I hardly ever ask about it) so this publication would reach out to more users. Perhaps someone out there will be able to help me out, as I really need it.

Today I would like to share my own bit of unfortunate experience I have with the idea of launching an STO. I hope that this publication will reach more people, who could point me in a different direction since the current one isn't working out too well for me and my client.



For the past several months, I've been a part of a team of an existing swiss company with the initial goal to launch an ICO in order to raise funds for futher expansion.

We started discussing this idea sometime in 2018 and it was already obvious to us that ICOs are not the way to go since our goal wasn't to provide users with a utility token. What we want is to provide investors with partial ownership of the company. For a brief moment we've considered masternodes as a solution, however we quickly realized that launching an STO is the only right solution.

So far, so good. Decisions were made, the initial budget approved, we worked on our whitepaper and prepared a business plan explaining how raised funds would be used. I've been building contacts with people passionate with blockchain (both on steemit and outside) and preparations were slowly moving forward.

Finally, we came to the point, that we had to decide which platform would we chose to launch the STO. We've considered a few that were available on the market at that time: polymath, smart valor, harbor and few others. And making that decision turned out to be the most challenging.



It wasn't really an easy choice, as the amount of availabe information about those platforms has been very limited.

Plus the lack of proper regulations was another issue. We finally made our mind and reached out to the team behind one of such a platform. I won't publicly bring up this company name here, since I believe that it was terrible decision which I regred so far till today.

Initially we've received some support and communication was smooth, however after several weeks with the two people that we were in touch with - they quit their jobs, one after another. That left us hanging in the air, without futher guidance. Since then, it feels like we've been BANGING our heads painfully against the wall. Wall of absolute lack of communication.

Sometimes we need to admit that we've failed. Sometimes we're failing miserably. And since we're back to where we started over year ago, that's exactly how I feel.



I'm fully aware, that some of you dear readers have enormous knowledge and experience regarding STOs and today I would need to ask for your help.

Please share with me the names of other platforms you would recommend if you were us: planning to launch your own STO, existing business located in Switzerland.

I would like to ask about reasons why would you choose the recommended solution? Any examples of succesful STOs being launched on suggested platform? Every feedback matters to me and I read all comments. So the more you write, thebetter :)



On top of my appreciation, I'm setting up a steem-bounty worth 30 STEEM and I will also upvote most interesting replies with 50-100% of my upvoting power (27k SP and 8k PAL) to reward valuable comments.



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Sorry to hear that piotr.
I don't have any knowledge concerning STOs.

I hope you find a solution and can save the project.

I think you have to ask a basic question first. Why issue a Security Token rather than just selling shares in your company? Unless there is a specific exemption under Swiss law, the rules are going to be the same, so what is the advantage of a token?

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I would think that an STO would be more established in a legal sense. For operators that know their business model, broad rules for selling shares in an organization might be disadvantageous when operating in a constantly innovating environment like crypto. Having STO rules for networking organizations to comply with may protect real world assets.

But, I have not had the time to dig into the legal aspect. Nor do I know how much laws can be altered under Swiss law or the US for that matter.

Unlike Bitcoin being considered freedom of speech, I am unaware of how protected the capacity to work (or be an employer) is under the constitution.

For example, Amazon may buy up a town and incorporate it, thereby making all residents under its governance free to employ under US law. However, if I open a business on the ground floor of my apartment building, I may be within my legal right to employ tenants as it exists in a commercial zone, but those who must use government owned land to travel to my business may be illegal to employ under US crypto laws.

U know, like, how current media chatter is about giggly, under-the-breadth :) stuff nowadays.

True that, @apshamilton. I asked myself the same question reading the post. Since both avenues, though seemingly similar, target different investor segments, I was assuming, they were after a specific audience. Selling tokens might work better for certain types of businesses and industries than others.

From a regulatory standpoint though, you have a point.


Hi @crypto.piotr,

STO creates the opportunity for the everyday investor to have a (small) say in large companies. Many company shares are not available to the public and only to bigger institutional bodies such as banks or financial investment companies. Hence my friend, I support your move to establish STO. Tokenization will reach more investors eventually.

If I recalled correctly we did discuss about Polymath, the STO issuance platform. I have no idea whether they are the non-responsive team you mentioned, but placing ERC-20 tokens is not a good choice. Fierce competition, high commission and basically the cons outweigh the benefits.

I came across a platform known as OwnMarket, a permission-less? blockchain. They moved away from the previous CHX tokens which were Ethereum based. Check out some more information here:

Also feel free to drop me an email. I should be able to do some digging to assist you, now that my PhD thesis is completed. All the best, @tysler :)

Well, after going through the ICO fever, I'm staying away from STOs, IEOs or any other similar scheme. I've been going all in on BTC and ETH... and I'll be buying just a couple of Alts, while ignoring the vast majority of them. 😝

Sounds like a great plan! I'm also trying to do the same. But I am still holding a long list of altcoins that I can't bear to see...

I barely understand SBD and steem power... but I don't understand how car engines work, and yet I drive a car. I feel like flotsam and jetsom sometimes, but I'm here, traveling upstream as far as I can tell....

Ahah. Travelling upstream is a good way to describe it. Sometimes I feel like this:




And you really don't want any Snax....?
That means I have to figure out how to claim them myself

No, thanks. 🙃

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Hello @crypto.piotr

I understand that after the 2k17 Ico craze there is a lot of dead projects left and angry investors which sure are done with ICO or STOs.
I from my experience am interested in projects with vision for the future needs and do not believe in shot term success. I think a lot of good projects have now problems with investors who want the 10 or 100x but thats not what i am in for. I am looking for years to come when these projects will proof by their tech.

I have no experience with STO platforms and really do not know what is important for you so it difficult to say which but i am a big fan of the Cardano project due to the scientific background and think they will be a good blockchain when they are some day ready. Right now most are on Ethereum i think but this will change.

The platform you choose should fit for the needs of the project ...
I am exited to see what will be and wish you much success.


I'm personally not a huge fan of STO. I think the market is not mature enough and hence, STO issuers may find it difficult to raise funds.

There are a few other platforms for your consideration. And you might want to check out Open Finance, Own and Preflogic.

Hi @crypto.piotr,

One of the things that you left out was what the company would be about.

I am mainly focused on #steem but I might be able to offer you some ideas if you give me more information.

One idea is to contact @aggroed, since as you probably know, he is the founder of and he plans on making it a full fledged crypto exchange with plenty of non-Steem Cryptos like EOS tokens listed.

In addition to being a crypto exchange, his main service, at least one of the services that will earn his company a good amount of money is the legal services that he supplies.

He offers legal services for people who register a token on Steem-Engine and I think it currently costs $50 USD or something like that to register a token there at this time (it's currently cheap since Steem is cheap right now).

The legal services are an add-on and costs more money than just the token fee with the prices being different based on what you require.. but there is already a list of possible countries you can launch in on his website (already looked at it).

I am actually interested in doing something similar with but I am waiting for Steem-Engine to get stronger, offer even more services and become more decentralised first.

I am also waiting for the regulations to change in the Philippines.

~ @chrisrice

Dear @crypto.piotr

Personally, I'm passionate about everything related to the chain of blocks.

now after reading your publication I feel very sorry for what you and your partners went through. but as I can not recommend any platform with which I have not interacted.

I have seen good comments and where they give you recommendations that should be considered for the launch to be a success....
I think you should study well the market of the sponsoring company and how they can give utility to the tokens.

One of the most important things is the regulatory system, investors require security for their money.

I know they're going to get it because you're very well prepared for business.

As my grandfather used to say.. Money is nobody's friend, and for that reason investors are very careful where they leave their money.


Hello @ crypto.piotr, attending to your question:


First, a simple way to launch STO can be through the Tronscan platform


You can create a wallet on this platform and once inside, you go to the TOKEN menu, a submenu will be displayed where you will find the TOKEN RECORD entry, there you can create your token at a price of 1024 TRX, right now it is at $ 0.015660 that is, in total, to create your token will cost you approximately $ 16,03584, and taking into account the market.


I hope this information is of your use, receive an affectionate greeting

Hi my friend,

Since I know a bit more about the nature of the project, I doubt that a STO is really the best solution to rise funds.

A lot of people are marked by ICO's and other doubtful projects and I honestly doubt that you could rise sufficient funds over a STO.

I think that the comment of @apshamilton is quite accurate. Why not create shares directly over the traditional channels? Maybe it would at a later stage be possible to tokenize these shares and sell them to rise money.

Check out this company website that offers such services in switzerland:

Best regards,

Hello @crypto.piotr ,

I'd stay still and take a big bird's view on your approach. I'd consult a few lawyers first, and take all the names given for STO platforms, then definitely get a lawyer to verify where I put my feet first. Maybe you should just create real shares in your company, and back your token with the shares.

Anyways you go for this I'd prepare a full-transparent method to prove every step, and every point of the STO to be law-compliant. And make sure that I have companies that have a good name associated to you, but to have a real association, so that you differentiate yourself from the others, and can show that it's not just yet another scam.

Or you can delay, wait to see if there's a clearing that appears in the STO/ICO world. That could also help, though it might take longer.

Anyways, right now, you can only get things through a lawyer, it would be he who knows best how to match up a "normal company" to a crypto-share company.

Hi mate... to be honest... you need to tell us more about that!

For you to choose a "blockchain" technology, you first need to underline the objectives and amount of time you want to focus on the business... and if that time target is not more than 1 year... give up already. Yes... Blockchain is not here for short profits or objectives... those are either called scams or lucky bastards that either have information to fuck up others, or were just in a lucky thoughtful/guessing game.

Looks like I am being negative. Not really. Just realistic in my view. If you want to play the long term useful, profitable, constructive, low cost game, then you need to stay around more than 1 year, maybe even more than 2!

If you want to talk about technology or blockchain solutions give me a call/chat or connect... I see you don't accept invites from strangers on LinkedIn... (good call).. but if you want ask anything you can find me at LinkedIn. A Zoom call is also ok. I don't want to sell any services here, just interested to help and see technlogy bloom, if I can.

I'm reading all the comments here! This is all too interesting but I personally don't have much insights to share on the topic. Definitely a difficult decision from the looks of it, best advice would be to consult with actual compliance lawyers and it's often based on the jurisdiction you're in or catering to

Thanks for your comment buddy

I've noticed @crypto.hype, that you're powering down. Are you ending your adventure with Steem blockchain? :( hope not.


Well, how much are you trying to raise? What is the domicile of the company you will be raising funds for? Where would your theoretical investors be based?

Without knowing these three items, it’s really hard to offer you help.

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I'll update this. If you're domiciled in the US, the amount you're trying to raise and where your investors are located will determine under which regulation you'll be governed: Reg A, Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg S... these are just the main options, but there are others even.

For many, the best option is just to domicile in BVI or Malta or Seychelles (like BitMEX), where the rules are a lot more lax but also already established.

Dear @Crypto.Piotr,

I'm truly sorry to hear about that, and for as much as I would like to help, might not be the best person to give advices about this matter, anyway I found this and think that You might wanna reflect about many of the points talked in the article..

And I have to agree that steem-engine is not the best platform, too much garbage, still, it might turn around someday but in business matters it's not a security for any real investor imo..

Well, wish you all the best, and if I find out something that might be helpful I'll contact You ;)


Dear @crypto.piotr,

For STO's, Polymath would be the right platform. I was not aware of the recent developments in polymath. I would recommend polymath as a first choice platform even if it is difficult to process. Because they will perform all regulatory check before processing these tokens.

If you really find it difficult to pass through you have to do hard work in approvals from local government and do a pre check of all the requirements and you can launch your own token on EOS, Icon or Ethereum.

So far I have given with the view of launching this token, But my personal view is that this tokens will be successful once the governments start regulating the cryptocurrencies. Right now some positive events are taking place in the space. Some 5-7 countries have released positive news in the last month. But the sentiment is really low in this space.

Thank you

If at all you and your team strongly believe that the STO is worthwhile and will be beneficial on the long run, I think you should look for other investors.

Challenges like this always come up especially when you least expected them but your strong believe and faith in the project will keep you.

Nobody wants to lose. A lot of people who invested in one way or the other in ICO, IEO and other Alt coins are scared of new projects. They just back off when they hear about it. All you gat to do is to look for new investors, prove them and show them why they have to believe in your project.

Sorry about the two investors your team lost out but you don't have to rely on the past.

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You asked me to comment so I will. @apshamilton is pretty much on the money though, what does tokenisation give you that other more established ways of sharing ownership of an asset do not? If the only thing is regulatory confusion, I'm not sure you gain.

We're on the cusp of tokens becoming commonplace and those of us comfortable with Steem have seen how this can be made to happen. However everything I've seen with EC20 is a complete UI mess so we're not there yet. The way that @jpbliberty is handing out SUFB tokens is working quite nicely and I'm helping onboard crypto newbies to "hold" their own tokens. That's quite easy with Steem and Steem-Engine.

While it can be done, however, the damage that has been done by a few scammers and then these instruments being declared untrustworthy by the tech Goliaths and then the press for the last 2 years has been immeasurable.

Hello @crypto.piotr, Now that BTC's price is bullish, everyone is interested with launching their own version of STC. For whatever reason they have, I think that its not really practical to do so unless it has secure financial back ups.

I have heard a lot of stories of people who got into STC and left disappointed mainly because the STC's foundation is shaky.

I am not against people launching their STC's but, I think it would be worthwhile for everyone to look through its inner workings before offering them to other people. At the end of the day, its not the company or the STC that earns a bad name- its cryptocurrency tokens as a whole that does.

For the best media to offer STC, anything but facebook, instagram, twitter or its social equivalent.

Dear @crypto.piotr,

I am not sure whether I have shared the below link with you before. It is a very useful resource for those intending to go the STO route.

Here is another link which could shed light on STOs.

As you browse through these you will realize the complexity of the issues involved and the importance of getting advice of professionals from across many disciplines.

Before launching STO, you have to keep in mind this:
1.Deriving the Strategies and Plan For STO
2.Focusing on what to do and what not to do
3.Compromising the regulatory issues
4.Deciding who can participate and who can’t participate
5.Backing up the costs for security placements
6.Token Development
7.Fixing the issues faced by investors immediately

Now, about the best platform, I can only say that Nakima has the right experts and partners to accompany companies that want to carry out an STO

Hi @crypto.piotr, this is a specialist area and you should be asking a legal firm specializing in such matters for assistance. Do not simply simply go to any legal firm claiming to specialize in such matters. You need to check the credentials of the lawyers in the firm who will be advising you. Ideally the lawyers should have, besides the usual legal qualifications, qualifications in IT and corporate matters and experience handling such matters for several years. It is unlikely that a single lawyer will have such qualifications and experience and therefore most likely two or more lawyers will be assigned to handle your brief.

I also suggest you check out this link: This seems to be a fairly new company but the fact that they are regulated by the central bank of Lithuania (Bank of Lithuania) should give you a lot of comfort.

Although not recommended, you could possibly ask them to refer you to their recommended legal firms. To avoid conflict of interest arising, make sure that the legal firm is not also legal advisers to Desico.

Again, you're striving to do much more, going so far as to try to start a new venture. Kudos to you for always moving forward.

While I do not understand all the ins and outs of what you are trying to do, I know your motivations and your goals. Best of luck!

p.s Resteemed.

Hello my dear leader @crypto.piort.

I try to understand that feeling of frustration and regress that you express and I would like to be able to help you in your search, but you know well that I have not had the experience of participating in any launch like these, however, trying to do research to contribute I found this publication Where do they refer to the main launch pages of these tokens, I don't know, it might help you:

Blessings friend and good luck in your search.

Recently, ezzy currency security token was launched, the platform will be supervised by the Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein (FMA), which is responsible as the federal authority for the regulation of financial service providers in Liechtenstein.

With the new e-commerce platform, ezzy combines the technological advantages of Blockchain technology along with the security of federal supervision. ezzy also reports that it has created a progressive e-commerce platform, which offers several advantages compared to classic markets.

To have a secure cryptocurrency, you must give all businesses and consumers secure and cost-effective access to goods and services to the online platform; with a decentralized architecture, with technology as open source.

The security that a token would provide must be supervised by a federal agency, this gives it legal support, the protection of data privacy is also a key issue for the cryptocurrency that points to its security, not registering data at the central level. Therefore, each user has the possibility to decide who receives their personal data, and who does not.

I try to figure out if this post of yours is the 'be continued' about your latest post where you asked about earnings in cryptocurrencies, etc.

I agree with @apshamilton you have to ask yourself first why you want to start this all, run a business like this. Is it for your #help project?

Since you mention Switzerland...
Start a normal buisiness or Aid fund. If it comes to taxes you might have all kind of benefits.
Payments can always be done in BTC or any other cryptocurrency or... start with that later.

Good luck I hope someone will have the solution for you. At this stage I think you make it unnecessary complicated. If a whole business plan tumbles down because 2 people leave you are in a bad pisition too.

Hello Piotr,

I have not experience in terms of STO‘s so I cannot recommend a platform or solution but since your looking for capital I cannot help than to
ask myself what would be the benefit of an STO vs regular shares? Since most people in the crypto market won’t even differentiate between ICO‘s and STO‘s, and ICO‘s are burned by scams and regulators, this seems to be a tough way to raise capital I reckon. Sorry that my reply will probably not be a big help. Did you try to reach out to some of our heavy hitters like @theycallmedan for instance or @themarkymark?


Pretty simply really, if it's legit IPO and give the bankers 75% of the funding.

If it's scam use ETH like everyone else, hire some strippers and Hollywood prostitutes and Pump-n-Dump.

What's your reputation worth ?

Of course, if you go the Pump-n-Dump route, do save some funding for legal fee's. I hear they are quite high for those currently negotiating with the regulators.....

Late thank you for your reply @majes

I want you to know that I really appreciate your time and your comments

If it's scam use ETH like everyone else, hire some strippers and Hollywood prostitutes and Pump-n-Dump.
What's your reputation worth ?

I've been hired to be part of team, that would launch STO of legit and existing business in switzerland. Our goal is to tokenize ownership. Fully legit.

That's the idea.

Check out my latest publication..
It brought some real emotions. I've been downvoted by over half million SP (attack of few accounts), however I also received solid support and few strong upvotes and now I will be enjoying the biggest genuine payout in my lifetime ;)



I think Ian Balina can help you.

You can contact Ian via

or Telegram Channel which is listed on

I am still gathering significant information about STO's.

Good Luck!

I personally don't see the "failure" you're referring to. Two people at some company quit and that is now compromising your project?
I know there are numerous hurdles but it's the name of the game.

There are many ways to raise funds, some of which may or may not involve crypto.

You might want to check the ERC 1400s series tokens standards. They are related security tokens and some of them feature backward compatibility.
Obviously, I'm not an expert, so not sure to what extent they are secure, advanced, etc. nor any examples of successful STOs based on those.

Some issuers have also relied on good old ERC-20 and filed an exempt offering with the SEC.

Also, as you pointed out, the regulatory landscape is immature and diverse which makes the task even more complex, yet another reason why I have been leery about pushing our token out too aggressively.

Again, not a lawyer or a consultant, so this is by no means any piece of advice.

Many experts will consider that STOs (Security Token Offers) will be the next revolution.
Many ICOs are failing due to scams, poor executions and lack of transparency. Regarding the ICOs that have issued utility token, in many cases that utility is too forced to be integrated into the company's ecosystem, I hope you can take the best friend friend greetings from Venezuela

Great effort my friend @crypto.piotr. I admire your resilience and clear vision. Unfortunately, I may need to do research on this topic to be able to offer any form of reliable advice. Having said that, I fear STO's and IEO's because all of them are still based on cryptocurrencies that are naturally volatile. The unpredictability is really scary. But, its worth a try.

Ouch!!! I've got no experience. Nice post though💙✌

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As always :) i read this article you suggested me ... but this time it was too professional and too far out of my profession and expertise ... although was interesting... and there is not a shadow of regret for reading it :D I really, most sincerely don't know what to say or advice you... maybe just some new age cliche, like be patient and positive ... and throw your mind and spirit into a meditation or two if you can find the time. :) Hope, you don't mind the frivolous tone, It came naturally in the lack of serious thoughts and arguments about the topic ... I wish you all the best with the project ... and life in general.

Ico have to bad reputation so I think everyone is staying well away from them I have upvoted as usual😁

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Hi, buddy! I hope you had found the help you need. I guess the only way to know the outcome is to get in the game. So, take a guess and begin your project. I guess your STO is backed with something real, like an apartment, land or valuable goods.

I recently registered at Smartvalor platform. Just for fun, because you know I don't have enough money to invest in STO. But they still are messy with KYC process.

Trying to stay in touch ;)

Thanks for the invite to this discussion. Sadly I'm not qualified to give an answer as I'm not technical enough...

I'm sorry, sir, if for the past few days, I haven't been active in Steemit, I'm not forgetting you, but once again I'm sorry, I'm more busy in blog compasiana, and I say thousands of thanks for your caring assistance to me, may God repay all kindness, amen

Today many tokens are emerging that offer certain security features, but the safest token is one that combines the advantages of an investment in the stock market along with Blockchain technology. With each Investment Token, the holder of the Tokens will participate in the growth of the platform and must also receive dividend payments from the accumulation stage, the best of the traditional currencies and the best of the new technology in cryptocurrencies, that is the future .

interesting it will to think about

I came early and reviewed your publication, don't comment because I don't handle the subject.

Now with your invitation, I dared to come.

I wish you success in your project!

Dear Piotr, as you know i am your supporter as you are a real entity in this trolls social, so what i can say do not use steem-engine to do this STO, because for sure trolls will fuck all yours energy and good intentions...
I know ICO is bull shit, after 2018 this word is same to SCAM, but i am sure you will find better way and i will follow you because i am tired to invest on this trolls place

because for sure trolls will fuck all yours energy and good intentions...

I love you @intellihandling and your comments :)

I surely wouldn't recommend launching any serious token (which would have aspiration to be STO) on STEEM-engine. Probably not even on SMTs.

Thx for your feedback buddy :)

Hi @crypto.piotr So sorry, I don't have any experience in STO nor that I have friends who are familiar with them. What I can do is to resteem your post. Thanks.

I resteemed your post, but I can't help you with the token thing, because I don't really pay much attention to tokens. I have a variety of some, but I don't really know what to do with them, so they just accumulate.

This risk is really big.
Because of the current these industrys,
Engineers often to change the runway,
Even the founder will leave the original company.
I help resteemit.

This guy is not very knowledgeable in these matters but you can ask my teacher @dmilliz or @nathanmars7. They should be able to provide more than useful insight

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Hi... I will read this article later... but I thought you might like to know about steem hardfork, you asked in one comment about details , I found these articles in notification - , its by @steemitblog.

I have never thought seriously that steem would give money and stuff for content, because that's been hard(: , but that's another dimension.


Given the lack of a regulatory framework, I'd be hesitant to make an ICO or STO in favor of an IPO.

Thanks for transferring me some Steem.

Honestly, I don’t really really know much about launching an STO on your own. I’ve seen a couple of articles here on the Steem blockchain about it, although I mostly just skimmed over those articles. I’d suggest you look into those articles!

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Good morning .... Sorry, I have no experience at STO and I have no friends who are close to them. All I can do is reply to your post. thank you @crypto. piotr.

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Piotr, this is going to be weird but i do not have any way of reaching you. My reply to you message in discord is not sending. I am going to check my e mail.


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Dear @crypto.piotr
I remember you mentioning this to me several months back and I had done my own research at that point of time and it had emerged that polymath was one platform that let me use and create my own STO based token on their testnet.
today we have more options which we can discuss if need be.
STO's are a great way to bridge the crypto and the real brick and mortar world.
So like all businesses one needs to have a use case for a STO to succeed

  • Why do we want to raise the money
  • What are we going to do with the money and
  • What kind of returns can be made by the investor and
  • What real life problem are we solving with the STO tokens?
    If we have answers to these. Doing the technical part would seem easy(only relatively;)

Why do you need a platform? when you could just launch an Ethereum token with a smart contract like TAAS did, their fund worked ok for two years and now they are reimbursing the investors, so far it's one of the best experiences I have had with ICOs and they didn't use any platform.


I dont know much of what its going on these days but I will reestem your valuable work.
Gracias por tu mensaje y muchas gracias amigo

The stability and security of a cryptocurrency will always be its credibility, eliminating this cryptocurrency risk should take the best of traditional modennes, for this there must be global regulations that involve stability

Greetings @crypto.Piotr i regret what happened. However, I am sure that will continue. I can not recommend any other platform, I am not an expert in the field, and I regret not being able to help. Greeting.

I just see your memo.
I don't have such an experience.

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Dandole resteem y apoyo al proyecto, gracias @crypto.piotr

I have resteemed the post but I am clueless to find the most suitable platform to launch an STO. It is always better to work with the established platforms but it is the most suitable to launch a new platform free of vices and limitations related to an established platform.

Thanks for your constant support I will give a resteem so that it reaches more users. Thanks @crypto.piotr

Thanks for your invitation.

Being honest, my knowledge about the subject is very poor and unfortunately I am not in a position to give you an option for now. I am sure you will find your answers. I wish you the best.


@crypto.piotr, Great to know that you are coming up with the STO. Genuinely speaking i am not an expert in this space but I've resteemed it and tried my point percentage effort towards some more visibility to this blog.

Hope that you will going to receive all needed feedback and responses which will help you. Stay blessed brother.

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Dear Piotr, it's saddening to know what you and your friends went through in the hands of that company. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of STOs as you mean them.


I think nearly everyone who was in crypto during the 2017 boom will be extremely cautious toward any coin offering with the ICO's still fresh on their minds. I'm looking it more from a use case point of view If I would have a reason to actually use coins that solve a real-life issue I would consider getting in. (I did so with Virtue Poker. Still waiting for them to get something going). Good luck with your STO!

I'm re-arranging my Steemauto upvotes with the new HF21 rules and just put you on it. Enjoy the extra bit of curation.

A bit busy but I saved this for later I know a few platforms polymath comes to mind that was one of the most interesting and rewarding airdrops I participated in but than again I unfortunately did not get into crypto as early as I would have liked , The blockchain is one of the forces behind the technological revolution that is coming upon us that will make the industrial revolution look like a joke , actually considering writing about this topic for a blog post :) thanks for being a positive influence

Another great post piotr, I've been a way a for a bit. I see you've been busy. I have some reading to catch up on. Keep up the great contributions.

Hopefully, you've gotten a lot of information by now and know more to take on the next step

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Thanks for reaching out. I don't have any experience with launching ICOs... yet. I do know that the regulatory hurdle can be substantial, which is one reason I've avoided pursuing something like that until I'm ready. Best of luck!