Cryptos are here to stay

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Cryptos are marching higher this morning as Day Two of Consensus New York City commences. You get the feeling that if BTC can ever regain the $10k level, a whole host of altcoins will break out to make ATHs. 

Look at Decred, for instance. A month ago, the coin was languishing in the high $30s and going nowhere fast; six weeks later it's broken the $100 level to become the 35th Top Coin by market cap. According to investing,

"The hashrate for Decred has more than doubled in the past month to 7,950.24 TH/s. In the past, the Decred hashrate was so low, that according to the team, just 15 ASIC machines could take over the network.  But now, in an example of “miners follow the money”, Decred is seeing an inflow of pools, which may positively affect the price."  

Translation: up we go. The ATH is 20% above the current trading range and considering we are up 15% in the past week, you'd have to conclude that this is a very obtainable objective - particularity if BTC can reclaim Ten K - which remember, is only half way back to its ATH.

ZCash is also making a name for itself - up a preposterous 41% since yesterday to crack the Top 25. Now with a market cap of $1.4B, ZCash got a boost after Gemini, the Winkelvoss-led exchange, listed the privacy coin. 

You're a big kid now, ZCash.

Looks like all this crypto nonsense has all what it takes, Warren.

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That one is freaking hilarious!

Great article. I love the pic you put with it. Cryptos are deffinately here to stay. I can't believe that some people still believe its just a fad. Lol

They are missing their chance to stop being slaves in their corpo world and become someone else... Thy still could do it if they joined crypto because it is still the early phase.

Yeah. A lot of them will probably jump on board soon. Its starting to become way more mainstream now. Their fears will subside once they see the majority using crypto and Fiat going away.

But you know what will happen to them after they jump onboard? They will get rekt like in Jan. When you see CNNC shill Ripple or barbers asking you how to buy Bitcoin, it is time to sell :))

Yup. It will eventually stabilize but I deffinately see a huge spike in the near future followed by a sudden drop. A few years from now it will look like smooth rolling hills.I'm no expert on this. I just understand human behavior and their tendency to follow the herd.

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