Distributed Credit Chain (Dsqueezingentralized ecosystem for financial services)

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Monetary transactions depends solely on the authorization and backing of huge monetary institutions, with a huge considerable billings compensated to these institutions.
The patent monetary institutions have increased loan rates for lenders and decreased the significant revenue or wages of loan takers(lenders). The important model of an approval agency is to spread round the fees of non interest earning elements and expensive arrears by appointing good personnel's who are worthy of refunding back the money.
As a credit representative, plenty of time and continuous trials and attempts are famished, during time of lenders verification who did not fit in for the risk criteria dropped by the representatives, leading to fruitless efforts on resources and limiting efficiency. A centralized credit representative attracts groups of monetary firm to diverge from their main goal of serving customers. Due to the aim of having huge reward,they deduct lenders while squeezing borrowers, and expand their profits by extending their customer base


Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) is the number one global banking public blockchain with a very clear aim and purpose towards making grounded a decentralized ecosystem for monetary service towards representatives rendering services around the globe. This can be achieved by enabling block-chain credit technology and thereby bringing back into practice data rights to different persons.


DCCID is a dispersed account system, the account is a decentralized account system that does not work based on any individual node. Representatives are free towards generating DCCID on there own without direct access to DCC. It doesnot requires DCC full functionality before it works.


The main reason for this project is to make a new system that makes shows clear transparency and relationship between borrowers/lenders and suppliers. The monetary world will only grow if this systems are well implemented. Therefore, DCC determines to change in whole the current monopoly structure of the local market of monetary representatives, this implementation will help each persons in various sectors earn what is rightful to them within much anticipated core of the environment growth in the system.
Blockchain technology aim at changing DCC pattern of work in the banking system, after implementing this, it leads to a long-lasting growth in communication not only between similar or neighborhood regions but outside or around the globe. This path will allow to change completely the whole existing structure, implementing regular standards, increasing completely level of business over the globe.
Transparency in the government structure, provides blockchain open access to data, which as you already know is not subject to any change, at the expense of smart contracts. Thanks to the organization for requesting the test data easily and quickly be able to understand and help with diverse of resolution of data, and to prevent any occurrence of risks



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image (1).png


Token: DCC
Standard: ERC: 20
Type: Utility token
The token cost in ETH: one Token = 0.000073 ETH
Accepted currencies: BNB and ETH
Hard cap: 36,500 ETH
Soft cap: 14,500 ETH
Start: 28th May 2018
End: 28th June 2018
Full token supply: 500000000
Additional token Emission: No
Bonus program: Yes
The token sales has ended, it was sold out before the end date.



for more details

Website : http://dcc.finance/

English Telegram : https://t.me/DccOfficial

bountyguru username:[email protected]
Chinese Telegram: https://t.me/dcc_official2

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dccofficial/

Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/Distributed-Credit-Chain-425721787866299/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/DccOfficial2018

Github: https://github.com/DistributedBanking/DCC


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