Exciting news, the Nihilo Blockchain is expanding with the Nicket Marketplace

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Nihilo Coin, a cryptocurrency that is meant to settle financial claims via alternate modes of payment is considered to be a third gen Proof-of-Stake token. As the codebase is an entirely open source and decentralised, no central authority can control the inner workings of the network as the consensus algorithm is operated by the master nodes and nodes available on the ecosystem. Nihilo has a wide array of benefits for business and consumers alike:

  • e-Commerce Decentralized Alternative
    Thanks to the Peer-to-Peer marketplace capabilities users could potentially use Nihilo Coin as an all-inclusive alternative to large retailers like Amazon, eBay or another centralized platform.
  • FinTech, Open Source Banking and Store of Value

With the help of real-time Gross Settlement Payments, Nihilo Coin can be implemented as a virtual accounting unit for your cashless payment projects any other financial constructs worth of the 21st Century.

Nickets: Buy a nicket, your chance to win a prize!

Built on top of the Nihilo ecosystem, Nickets is a raffle marketplace where users or marketers can put up prizes for buyers to win! The ones that list the prizes can set the number of maximum tickets, and the buyers can check their odds as well. The buyers can rest assured as every Nicketis backed by an Escrow address locked up until the maximum number of Nickets is sold and the winner is decided.

The system is set up in such a way that malicious users will get negative feedback so future users will know exactly which are the reputable raffle initiators.

Sounds awesome! How can I purchase or earn NIHL coins?

The easiest way is to purchase from https://www.coinexchange.io/ directly, however, the team have implemented other methods of earning tokens. To keep the user base engaged, a daily reward will be introduced for inviting people on the platform or sharing the contests on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The Revolution of Value that will upgrade the legacy raffles!

The platform is innovative and disruptive in the raffle domains as the traditional systems have no upper limit and the tickets purchased outweigh the final prize making this a very lucrative racket business. With the help of the Nickets platform, however, the raffles for items are set at a fair price to reflect the final value of the price, benefiting the holder and the winner alike.

So whether raffle holders decide to put up a Ferrari or an iPhone 10, the total issued Nickets will reflect fair value for both parties. Companies and individual users can leverage this system to promote their business as users and raffle entrants will share their product on the social media platforms thus increasing brand awareness over a multitude of channels. The platform will also feature a personalised profile where users can quickly consult at a glance their balance and all of the raffles that they have entered. What are you waiting for? Buy the Nickets to get tickets!



Really Nihilo coin is an amazing platform. It's great facilities change the world. Hope one day it will be popular like Amazon. Thanks for sharing the details and the Nihilo coin purchasing source.

NIHL seems a token to settle payments and is essentially decentralized and border less and thus have the qualities that we look for in a ideal payment solution.

Being POS it is energy efficient and it is already in the open market. The best part is that you can earn it through completing tasks and bounty (like) challenges.

cool, interesting, haven't heard of Nihilo before

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Great update for the future world of cryptos.

@msena please i`m new here...
what is the meaning NIHILO how does it work

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This is one of the few projects in this category that inspires confidence. In our time, it is trust and reliability that play a big role. There are a lot of projects, and not all of them can give it, not to mention other qualities.
I read about the Cryptocurrency Nihilo Coin back in the 2018 feral. It was then that some people claimed that it was a "rocket" that would soon go to the moon. There were many arguments in favor of buying this asset.
Thanks to your message, I now remembered this. Most likely, I personally will decide on investing in this cryptocurrency. I see the potential that will be realized in the future, which means it will bring profit. But profit cannot exist without value. A Nihilo Coin brings value.
Thanks for the interesting post!

Nihilo coin is very interesting coin , this is a great platform on crypto market .

Thanks for sharing @denizaharie
Upvote you .

Encryption of financial information will preserve the information of each company or unit.Preventing misuse by individuals will be profitable.Thanks your information