Chibi Fighters: Paid to play!

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For those new to the franchise, Daily tasks provide an easy option to earn ETH (Ethereum) via completing the listed objectives which refreshes every 24 hours as indicated below the interphase. Amount of gems depends on the difficulty in finishing a particular task. Take for example these fusions which rake in more gems versus coin battles as the latter requires more kaching and elbow grease.

Whole story:

We are giving away 10 Gen 0 Chibis or over $400 worth of prizes!! and 5 of them are OPEN SEA PIRATES!!
chibi giveaway.png
To participate in the giveaway do the following:
Chibi Fighters is offering an exclusive promo for our community!!
Buy 3 chibi and get 1 FREE, or buy 6 and get 3!!
For every chibi Bought using this link = 2 Entries

1.Upvote and Resteem this post = 1 Entry

  1. Leave a comment below = 1 Entry
  2. Follow me Steemit = 1 Entry
  3. Leave a comment on this article = 3 Entries
  4. Share this article = 2 Entries
  5. Subscribe on Dappsify's Reddit = 1 Entry
  6. Upvote and comment on any post on Dappsify's Reddit = 2 Entries
  7. Join Dappsify and Chibi Fighters' Discord = 2 Entries and
  8. Follow Dappsify and chibi's facebook page = 2 Entries and
  9. Follow Dappsify and Chibi Fighters' Twitter = 2 Entries and
  10. Follow Dappsify and Chibi Fighter' Instagram = 2 Entries and
  11. Leave a comment on any Dappsify and Chibi Fighter's instagram photo = 3 Entries

There will be 10 winners of 1 Chibi with a FounderChibiFighters token making than 2 Chibi to grind!!!!
Join now!!
Giveaway end's in October 9, 2018!

Winners will be announced on our discord group

Follow us on:
Official Account: @dappsify


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All ready did all the other Entries, openSea Chibi all the way!!!!
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Upvoted and Resteemed! keep up the great content. Love me some Chibis!

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That's something new, thanks, another addicting game to spend money on :D