Alfa Enzo improves the blockchain key technology for greater adoption.

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It is estimated that the market capitilization for cryptocurrency tripped in dollars in 2017 from what it was in the previous year.
There are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies and more being created.

The exponential growth of cryptocurrency can be directly attributed to its potential and benefits and the massive investment interest from the public.

However, the public adoption rate of cryptocurrency is too poor and this is because , aside facilitating transactions on the crypto space , cryptocurrency has not actually brought any flow of value to the public.

Lets take for example , the issue of high entry threshold where one is expected to go through some "rigorous" processes before you can own any cryptocurrency of choice.

Incredulous a business man who is into importation and exportation of electrical fittings.
He got introduced to crypto space by his friend.
Incredulous decided to invest in some of the cryptocurrencies but discovered to his dismay that he is required to:
Create an account in an exchange....which normally takes time when the account verification time is factored in.

  1. He is expected to convert his local fiat to the mainstream digital assets like, bitcoin, etheruem before he can purchase any crypto of choice.

Another challenge is this, The person that introduced Incredulous owes $12million in cryptocurrency. The mere thought that he would not be able to purchase goods with his cryptpcurrency holdings gives him migraine.

the issue of scalability, it is a known fact that the present blockchain is only capable of processing 7-30 TPS . Making transaction confirmations to take a considering period of time to be completed.
When other mainstream system like Visa is processing 2000 TPS on the average , blockchain is still struggling with 7-30.

All this are some of the major factors impeding

Another challenge is the difficulty of owning cryptocurrency. You will agree that , for one to own crytocurrency of choice, you are expected to create an account with exchanges, verify the account and then start the waiting game for your account to be verified.
Then you convert your fiat to any of the mainstream digital assets like btc or etherum to be able to purchase any cryptocurrency of choice.
You can imagine having to spend days waiting for account verification, converting your local fiat with all the attendant transaction cost before you can own a crypto of your choice.

Its a turn- off and as such not many would want to go through that process.

Lastly, the inability for users to buy or sell their goods for cryptocurrency....users cannot use cryptocurrency the way they use their local fiats.
All this is limiting the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency..

Therefore, to push for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency with a view to increasing user experience , the existing blockchain ecosystem must be improved on.

Introducing Alfa Enzo, the first global smart market.
A fully built, fifth-generation Social Marketplace that combines a patented social network design with a Proof-of-Activity multi-chain ecosystem to let anyone earn money from their time spent on the network.


Alfa Enzo aims to facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services for cryptocurrency ....which will make it easy for potential users to own any cryptocurrency of choice as they would be able to sell their goods for cryptocurrency instead of going through the conventional process .
Users will be able to buy goods and services with their digital assets....which increases their user experience while supporting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Alfa Enzo would facilitate the seamless communication and exchange of information among users through its peer to peer mesh and flexible interface.

It would also establish the first market cryptocurrency through the introduction of its distributed commerce ecosystem.

It would position users to gain full control of their information and enable them use it the way they wish......this will go a long way in building trust and confidence .

Users will be incentivized for contributing and participating in the ecosystem.

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