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The blockchain technology is rapidly transforming the world of technology.
The improvement blockchain stems from the fact that it uses the digital currency (decentralized currency ecosystems) with smart contracts as an executor and security feature for alll
Usechain is the first of many blockchain inventions with an ecosystem that uses mirror identity protocol and top-notch scalability prowess; it complements blockchain in all its areas of limitations.
Usechain uses an advanced infrastructural technology for carrying out transactions that are effective for both virtual and parallel world, with its scalability usechain is able to appeal too many more people by developing more problems solving Dapps, economies still in doubt as to whether to accept blockchain can know can be sure of having usechain having providing qualitative services in finance, entertainment, social networking, consumption, games, asset and social management. Embracing the usechain ecosystem implies that users with its community will enjoy efficient transaction process management, rebranded and a more effective KYC (know your customer policy) and AML. Usechain recognizes the fact that there are a lot of technical barriers in countries and so it creates a user friendly interface to accommodate and responds optimally to various needs at the least possible risk and cost.

Usechain is built with high-ranking innovations in its structural and technological design to eliminate setbacks found in the process of developing blockchain and bring a perfect solution to the problems of scalability, security, and privacy. The Usechain ecosystem will hold thousands of credit-based and identity-based applications in the future as is fast developing. This can be integrated by the blockchain technology without compromising or having any privacy or security issues.

Team and Advisors The team members are erudite professionals In their various fields with so many years experience.
See for yourself,
Core Team

Henry Cao (CEO & Founder)

Cao is a Finance Professor and HOD at the prestigious Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (Beijing, China). He is the Founder of the first ever Finance MBA program in the whole of China and also the MD of China Blockchain Application Research Lab. He also has an excellent academic record, having been admitted to a USTC gifted class at just 13 years of age, and attended the reputable Yale University & UCLA for his PhDs.

Baohong Sun (CSO & Co-Founder)

Baohong attended Renmin University of China and USC for her BSc and PhD respectively. She is a Professor of Finance at the same Cheung Kong Business School and has held several senior research posts. She is also a member of the editorial board of many international marketing journals and played an active role in the global economic summit on future behavior.

Shengli Zhang (Chief Scientist)
Zhang is a senior blockchain specialist and also a wireless network technologist. He holds 3 national patents on blockchain in China already. At the same time, he is a university Professor (at Shenzhen University), VP of a blockchain research institute (SZU Blockchain Research Institute), and visiting Professor at Stanford. Also, he is an IEEE Senior Member and a public presenter of Physical Layer Network Coding. He attended USTC for both his BSc and Master's, while his PhD was at CUHK.

Feng Zhang (Senior Financial Advisor)

Feng is a financial expert with 3 decades of experience in QIHF across the globe. He was once with Citigroup/Morgan Stanley as the MD of Asset Management Department. He was also the GM of Stock Investment at Bosera Funds and an Investment Director at Bank of Communications Schroder Fund. Feng has a strong academic background with a his first degree at Tsinghua before proceeding to UC Irvine for PhD.

Erik Xu (Chief Operating Officer
Xu has almost 10 years of experience in Information Security and Internet technology. He is ambidextrous as a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert. He has served in many senior roles, such as the VP at Beijing YunJian Technology Limited, Head of Information Security Project in the National Information Security Engineering Center, an Executive Director at the National Key Technology Research and Development Program during the Chinese 12th Development Plan Period, and has been responsible for numerous national Information Security projects. Further, he holds an MBA in Big Data Working Group from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and also a member of the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee. As the engine room of the project, I believe that Xu has the necessary expertise and experience to deliver.

Apart from the five mentioned above, there are also five other developers listed on their website, all combining decades of relevant experience in various business areas. One for community operations, one for blockchain development, one is a technologist, another is the procurement officer, and the last person is the marketing officer.


Lucas Lu (Senior Advisor)

Lu is a Senior Expert in blockchain projects. He is the Founder & CEO of 5 Miles, and also plays same roles at Cybermiles (CMT). Again, he was a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Lightinthebox (LITB), and served as the first GM for Mobile Taobao in China. He holds many academic laurels with a BSC at CUST and a PhD at SMU.

Yin Cao (Senior Advisor)

Cao started his journey into blockchain research 3 years ago and has never looked back. He is reputed to be one of the first set of people to propose the idea of an Energy Internet in China. He is also the Co-Founder of the world's first Energy-Blockchain Lab. His knowledge of blockchain is never in doubt and he holds the notable role of Blockchain Expert at Cinda Securities Co., Ltd. In addition, he is a crucial member of the Technical Working Group on China's Hyperledger Project and also an ex-member of the E-residency Project in Estonia.

Beside these listed two, there are six other senior advisors collaborating on the Usechain project. One is an expert at Finance, one is an internet business guru, and another one is a big figure in Big Data. The other three are versatile in digital cryptoeconomics, financial asset management, and blockchain technology respectively.

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