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Do not mix things up yet. I guess when you see the title, your mind already quickly goes to one of the existing blockchains. Unfortunately, I am directing you to what should know and not what you perhaps already know. And now that you are willing to be wowed by Nebula AI, take a careful read of the amazing offers it brings.
What is Nebula AI?
Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain 3.0, which focuses on giving access to crypto investors and outsiders to the use of AI computing resources from any location in the world. It provides anyone with artificial intelligence computing services, leading to reduction in the traditional electricity usage on mining.
How will it achieve this?
Nebula AI helps the crypto ecosystem to cut down significantly on the usage of electricity by converting GPU mining machines into AI computing units. The system comprises two main components, namely, Nebula AI (NBAI) foundation and Nebual AI (NBAI) system, with the former operating as a non-profit independent firm while the latter functions as the technical mechanism of the entire system.
With NBAI system, all the technologies and technicalities required in the system is gotten. NBAI system uses a novel consensus algorithm called the Proof of group (PoG) and miners can make use of the various computing resources at their disposal to carry out all algorithm operations, receiving nebula tokens as rewards for every calculation they perform on the PoG algorithm. With the NBAI foundation, various experts, institutes and institutions, including universities, colleges, and research centres could pull their resources to be able to carry out research on AI.
Nebula AI Token
Nebula AI Token serves as utility token in the sense that its purpose is to help the system secure procurement of computing power and resources. However, the tokens are specifically targeted at achieving a number of ends, including Developers Test, to develop DAI Aps and purchase of DAI training services. Nebula AI token has a clear use case. The higher the demand for the token, the more appreciated the value of the token.
By Developers test, Nebula token will serve the purpose for developers to consume tokens to facilitate model training. However, the length of the training is reduced depending on the amount of tokens paid for. The second purpose of the tokens is to help developers develop decentralized AI Apps. The DAI Apps may function as desired by the developers to be set as paid apps. This means that users must pay tokens to use these AI services. DAI platform users are required to pay for their retaining the finger models they have initially obtained at no cost.

Here is the diagrammatic representation of Nebula AI Ecosystem
Nebula AI Ecosystem
NBAI Foundation

 Blockchain R & D                  AI Joint Engineer 
 Platform                  Lab                Training Centre

User User User User

  DAI App         Science and Research
 Quantitative Finance App          AI Quantitative Trading
Sentiment Analysis App          AI Biomedical Science

NBAI Blockchain
 Phase I: Helix
 Phase II: Orion

AI Mining Machine Data Centre

What specific benefits available from Nebula AI?
Nebula AI gives tools to developers with which to develop Decentralized AI Applications (DAIA) for their blockchains. And with such App, miners and investors can be able to give a prediction as to the price of cryptocurrencies in crypto market.
Nebula is also integrated with the AI algorithm with a view to sharing economies; with the algorithm deployed to make probabilistic guesses as it affects market reality in the crypto world. Nebula AI looks to utilize their blockchain technologies that will decentralization to rent and share the computing resources and lower energy consumption power of artificial intelligence machines globally.
With Nebula AI blockchain encryption technology, major problems such as internal leakage and the maintenance of distributed AI calculation units are properly handled. These issues are handled by the owners of various AI calculation units, and adequate and efficient solution will considerably be given to them.
Nebula AI Investment Partnerships
Within just months of founding, Nebula AI has attracted huge investment portfolio from big investors like Consensus Capital, Fenshui Capital and some other VC’s. each of the investors and partners have relatively equal stakes that bring about a no-all-star partnership. Much of the partnership is made with higher institutions, universities and emerging organizations and companies.
Nebula AI has partnered with McGill University and Concordia University. McGill University School of Medicine and Nebula AI is working together to study the use of AI in surgery, while Concordia University’s professor, Yan Liu, who is also one of their advisors, is helping Nebula AI with the encryption. One of their partners is WeHash, a mining farm where Nebula AI can use the computational power to test their products. They also have secured some partners in China, like Beepay and Detrust.

Major Investors

Consensus Capital (invested in OmiseGO, Filecoin, Zilliqa, etc) and Fengshui Capital(invested in NEO, Dragonchain, Quantstamp, etc


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