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The crypto world today is filled with a wide range of technologies. And with the advent of the blochkchain technology a couple of years ago, the question has now shifted from insufficiency of technology to drive the digital financial market. More nagging questions about which of the emerging blockchains will give the best value for investors’ money occupy the centre stage in recent time. While some have been designed to tackle one problem or another, none is able to beat the uniqueness of Nebula AI.
What is this Nebula AI?
Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain technology, integrated with artificial intelligence computing services. It is designed primarily to build utilize the decentralized blockchain technology to rent and distribute the computing power of artificial intelligence machines across the globe. It seeks to cause a high level of reduction in the cost of energy used up by traditional Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism by completely converting GPU mining machines into AI computing services.
How different is NAI from others?
With Nebula AI, blockchain encryption technology efficiently prevents the incessant issue of internal leakage that currently plagues the crypto ecosystem. Also, on Nebula AI, there is maintenance of distributed AI consensus algorithm calculations which are often handled by experts in AI section. Transactions conducted on Nebula AI will be irreversible, but the system will ensure that distributed computing networks give adequate computing power. The Nebula AI blockchain also comes with an exciting offer of making the easy and cost efficiency access to AI resource possible.
What are Nebula AI goals
Shared AI Computing Platform: Nebula AI seeks to create a balance between consumers and suppliers of AI devices, thus eliminating the hitherto skewed system that favours one party over another.
GPU Machine Conversion: With its Ai physical units, Nebula AI is designed to convert a wide range of GPU computing mining machines into artificial intelligence (AI) computing units, creating for operators capacity to engage in more sophisticated and meaningful AI calculations from simple hash ones.
Decentralized AI Applications: requires a corresponding interface for DAI App programmers to invoke conveniently and use the platform’s computing power. It includes the payment API, computing capacity estimation API and work estimation API, etc., in order to speed up the development of AI applications.
Integrated Distributed Storage: Nebula AI uses its unique IPFS storage system to eliminate the old cloud storage which is centralized and operates on a local storage file, in order to achieve better distributed storage.
AI Engineer Training Center: Within its ecosystem, Nebula AI has a compartment where systematic artificial intelligence training takes place is given engineers. This essence of this is to provide practical knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.
Developer-oriented offers: Nebula AI blockchain, developers have the freedom to develop, design and carry out their own AI applications. All they have to do is to by communicate with Nebula AI API, receiving NBAI tokens as rewards by posting paid apps which they get when application users make payment with NBAI token for the app they use.
NBAI Token Metrics
The Nebula AI token uses the Ethereum currencies. Currently NBAIs are ERC20 tokens but it plans to make a swap once the main net is launched.
With a strong team of highly sound IT and technical experts, Nebula already has a test net in place, a functional demo and a decent roadmap. It is also backed by famous investors; pioneers in decentralized AI Applications (DAI). With competitors that cannot favourably and successfully compete, NBAI comes with a unique high efficiency and low cost feature that gives it a teeth over others. And being the first blockchain for AI, it has a solid foundation that inculcates developers and brings about efficiency and security in the crypto market.


The CEO and co-Founder, Charles Cao, graduated from Fudan University, one of the most prestigious universities in China, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. He previously worked at IBM, SAP, Autodesk and Expedia before founded Nebula AI. He is also the founder of Montreal IT Association with more than 700 members.

Dr. Xiong Tengke, the AI Architect, has a Ph.D in Computer Science. He has more than 10 years of experiencesin AI and has published many articles regarding data mining and machine learning.

The team is also backed by some reputable advisors. One of them is Yu Guan, who was Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and is currently the CTO of Domum Link, an online residential property management platform.


Nebula AI has partnered with McGill University and Concordia University. McGill University School of Medicine and Nebula AI is working together to study the use of AI in surgery, while Concordia University’s professor, Yan Liu, who is also one of their advisors, is helping Nebula AI with the encryption. One of their partners is WeHash, a mining farm where Nebula AI can use the computational power to test their products. They also have secured some partners in China, like Beepay and Detrust.

Major Investors

Consensus Capital (invested in OmiseGO, Filecoin, Zilliqa, etc) and Fengshui Capital(invested in NEO, Dragonchain, Quantstamp, etc


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