The Usechain Revolution

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The advent of blockchain technology has been so effectual in rendering solutions to most of the challenges cutting through the diverse industrial sectors. This overtime has been highly effective within the little scope of its adoption. Several cryptocurrencies predicated on the blockchain technology ooze into the community as often as possible.

Smart contracts from Ethereum have become a logical continuation of Bitcoin's ideas and brought the possibility of using crypto-currency in the real world.

Nevertheless, no matter how serious the blockchain made during this time, there are a number of significant problems, the presence of which does not allow full disclosure of crypto technologies, make them universally applicable, and overseas only speculative assets.

Blockchain has allowed the society to be autonomous and secured in its transactions but it is appalling to know that this great technology still lacks in some areas like performance efficiency, has poor scalability (kind of) and high technical threshold which has limited it to only be applied in cryptocurrency trading and exchange. Underlying Blockchain communities have made tremendous contribution to optimize the technology but because of the lack of support and weak connection with market, Blockchain is yet to be fully adopted by the mass market like the internet. Due to this, the potential huge value market of Blockchain industry has not been fully recognized.


Usechain is a consolidation of the many achievements of blockchain technology, it is one of the way in which blockchain is becoming more efficient, the usechain ecosystem offers a very high performance mirror identity blockchain based ecosystem that is highly scalable to the world over, within its ecosystem users can enjoy its powerful authentication capabilities that can seamlessly carryout user identity authentication and mapping of ecosystem user address. Usechain appeals to big organizations, companies, corporations, conglomerates by not just giving them a decentralized platform (ecosystem) to operate but also an opportunity to endorse, verify and authenticate applications of participants, users within the usechain ecosystem are able to do this based on their level of identity certification and level of contribution to the development and growth of the usechain ecosystem. Within the usechain ecosystem are an array of unique blockchain based application like decentralized insurance, identity tokenization, decentralized financial services, more credible sharing economy, cryptocurrency payments, more efficient and secure IOT (internet of things) applications and investment equity management, market status forecasting, blockchain games for community user leisure, tuition fund, decentralized exchange means and a top-notch digital content production and trading.
Blockchain has always invented ecosystems that all have token and usechain also has its own token (UST token) with a more advanced capabilities , the UST token the usechain ecosystem can enjoy a seamless and effective reward to respective community, supporters and developers, the UST token operates wholly with the blockchain decentralization mechanism to ensure optimum security, the UST token is currently an ERC20 based token that allows transactions with many other communities and even ethereum communities , the ERC20 token eventually grows to become UST token that will later be converted to coins .


these are the laid out plan of usechain for the near future


● Determine identity-based blockchain.
● Research on algorithm of identity-based blockchain.
● Put forward the concept of identity tokenization.

Q1&Q2 2017

● Determine design principles and objectives.
● Compile development plan.
● Officially launch the Usechain project.

Q3 2017

● Design system architecture and basic protocol.
● Integrated planning of ecosystem.

Q4 2017

● Develop underlying public blockchain.
● Cooperate with partners to explore application scenarios.

Q1 2018

● Develop fundamental functions of underlying public blockchain.
● Develop address-identity mapping system.
● Certification Authentication Center Service.

Q2 2018

● Develop privacy protection system.
● Form core community and achieve 50000+ people.

Q3 2018

● Develop software-based RPOW consensus algorithm.
● Develop enhanced smart contracts.
● Develop TPOS consensus algorithm.
● Launch beta version of main chain.
● Achieve 100000+ people in the community.
● Launch the first DApp.

Q4 2018

● Set up sub-chain structure.
● Develop cross sub-chain communication.
● Build Usechain eco-fund to accelerate ecosystem development.
● Develop multi-industry vertical community.


● AI system of address behavior analysis.
● Develop tokenized multi-node system.
● Develop hardware-based RPOW consensus algorithm.
● More multi-industry identity-based DApps.
● Launch decentralized exchange.
Information on token sale and distribution

Henry Cao became the director and founder of the company. Professor of Finance at Cheung Kong Business School and founder of the first in China Master of Business Administration. The co-founder of the project is Baohong-san. Chief engineer is Shanli Zhang. Zhang is a highly qualified specialist in blockchain technology. Also, the team included a finance specialist, Feng Zhang, an Internet expert and an Info security expert. An experienced technical director is Andy Zhou, publicist Amanda Shen. Total in the team - 10 people and 6 advisers. They all have practical experience promoting start-ups.

Total supply= 20 Billion UST

45% for ICO

5% allocated for marketing and partner support.

20% allocated for community reward.

15% allocated for technical community reward

15% allocated for core team.

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